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Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for you on your fitness journey. Our shared knowledge and expertise allows us to provide a bespoke and professional service within our unique facility, developed through years of experience delivering coaching and personal training at every level.

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Started at Spring 2015 and joined the Fit Club run by Alex. He really motivated me and soon got me into shape and feeling good about self. Due to personal circumstances Summer I had to leave. I missed going to much and now I am back! Alex hasnt made me feel bad about doing absolutely nothing for 12 months and I am sure with his professional guidance I will soon get my fitness levels back. He is so friendly, easy to get along with and pushes you to do that bit more. He is always aware of any injuries/weak spots and tailors the exercises to take this into account. I can really recommend him!!!!

Gina Holt

If it wasn't for Andy I wouldn't have felt fab on my wedding day . He pushed me at times when I moaned I couldn't do things and actually I could do them. He made the sessions fun with is great personality. But still keeping a very high standard of professionalism and this what's makes Andy a great personal trainer. He is a whole rounder trainer making no one session the same. And the variety keeps you from geting bored. Would highly recommend Andy. Xx

Donna Ramsbottom

I've been training with Jamie now since the beginning of May and am now on my second course. I've been to other gyms and had other personal trainers in the past but nothing compares. Jamie has changed my diet, my mindset, my body shape, reduced my body fat to 20% and helped me shift those stubborn excess pounds - at 44 I'm not sure I could be in much better shape! I'm going to keep doing as he says and hopefully continue to improve my strength, fitness and body toning!! Thanks Jamie

Jayne Maddison

Josh is an amazing trainer, his unique style truly pushes you to achieve your goals! I have lifted weights I would never have thought possible and am fitter than I have ever been! He has the patience of saint and has worked hard to educate and encourage me with my diet plan #fussyeater !

Fi Comberbatch

Having trained with Ryan for a little over 18 months I can honestly say that he is worth every penny. His knowledge of his subject is excellent and always makes you feel at ease. Over that time my goals changed and Ryan expertly tailored my program to ensure I was getting the most out of my time with him. He provides detailed programmes to work to on the days that I am not training with him, as well as nutritional advice based on current goals. On top of all this Ryan is a genuinely nice guy who goes above and beyond (working around my works shift pattern) to ensure you get the most out of your training. So whether you are a runner or a power lifter, looking to lose weight or gain weight. I can (and do) highly recommend Ryan.

Wayne Elcock

I joined FX nearly 5 months ago from a suggestion off one of my friends and was introduced to Chris. Over the last 5 months I have lost over 2 1/2 stone and massively improved my stamina, fitness and work-rate. Chris varies all his sessions so that you don’t feel like you are doing the same exercises over and over again. Chris always goes that extra mile to help you reach your goals, he has created specific workouts related to Rugby for me to undertake outside of our sessions. I have and will continue to recommend Chris and FX to many of my friends and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone else.

David Lord

Sue at Your Yoga Experience has quite honestly changed my life!! I used to dread the thought of exercising and have to force myself to go the the I literally can’t wait for my yoga and pilates PTs! Sue is a knowledgeable, patient and highly skilled trainer who knows just how to motivate her clients best....but we’re not just her clients, her lovely caring nature means we’re friends too!!

Deanne Armitage

I went to preseason with Jamie for a couple years some in season training. We worked specifically on strength development speed and also an agility to get me ready to re-join my club at full fitness after the brakes including before and after my wedding/honeymoon. The results are I got when working with Jamie were 2nd to non-helping me improve all my target areas and also drop body fat and gain lean muscle at the same time. I put the work I did with Jamie down as one of the biggest contributing factors to the successful and injury free seasons we have had.

Oliver Norwood
Fulham and Northern Ireland
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