January 2017

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A Qucik View on Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are one of the main macro nutrients that we should be using in our daily eating routines. Now if the goal is to drop body fat, lose weight and building lean muscle tissue, then carbs are needed in my opinion for most people. Below are a a few tips on carbohydrate intake. When to use them? How to use them? Always eat Carbs Post Workout Obesity and weight gain is caused through insulin resistance. So one of the best ways to improve insulin sensibility is to lift weights. When lifting weights our muscles become responsive to insulin, which takes blood sugar out of the...

Hitting those Macro Nutrient targets! 

What are Macro Nutrients? These are your proteins, fats & carbs. Proteins help build, repair muscle tissue and aid in good liver function. These can be found in meat, fish & dairy. Fats can come in good and bad forms and the good fats are essential in everyone's diet in my opinion. The best forms come from salmon, mackerel , tuna and sardines. Good fats also enable our bodies to burn fat more efficiently and reduce Inflammation through omega 3 fish oils. Finally carbohydrates can aid in muscle growth, energy production and helping with dropping body fat depending on individual goals...

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