February 2017

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The Importance of Sleep

The easiest way for an individual to get results without changing their calories or training is to simply have them sleep more. I can guarantee if you sleep more you will lose fat, build lean muscle tissue, have more energy and have a better sex drive. Ideal sleep is between 7-9 hours, especially if your seeking a change in body composition. So what happens when we sleep 5 hours or less?? 1. leptin levels drop, meaning we decrease our key fat burning hormone. 2. Ghrelin levels go up, which is our hunger hormone. So if you want to be starving all day, do this!  3....

Meal Frequency & Timing

The most important thing when it comes having adequate meals throughout the day, will come down to your own individual work/ life pattern and routine. If you work 9-5 then you will only be able to have food at certain times during the day. So the most important this for you would be to get adequate 30-40g protein, portion of Veg & complexed carbohydrates with each meal as a baseline. If you can eat at regular intervals say every 2-3 hours then great keep with that routine with the same format of maybe 20-30g of protein, portion of veg and complexed carbohydrates,...

Your body NEEDS fats

Our body needs fats, and sufficient amounts within our diets. The Fats 'good fats' come from avacadoes, coconut oil (in moderation as it has a high percentage of saturated fat), olive oil, dark chocolate, salmon, sardines, tuna, walnuts, almond nuts, almond butter and whole fat yoghurt. All these types of good fats are high in Omega 3, which is the type of fats you want to be looking for.. These fats help our bodies turn off genes that store fat and promote us to burn fat effectively. Now these types of foods should be consumed within your diet. Why? Because they help improve gut...

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