October 2018

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Recovery- Stratergies to maximise recovery from exercise

Any good training programme must balance the training stimulus with adequate recovery to maximise performance and results. As the stimulus required to achieve the desired training effect increases, as potentially does the need for maximising recovery between training sessions. This is particularly important for athletes looking to develop multiple fitness qualities at the same time, or those training several times per day. An inability to recover effectively from these sessions may leave you feeling sore, increase the risks of illness and leave you unable to complete the training sessions at the required intensity. It is beyond the scope of this...

Warm up and Cool down- Important considerations for your programme

The importance of The Warm up and The Cool Down Warming up and cooling down have long been universally accepted methods to both prepare for, and aid recovery from a training session. A well-planned pre-exercise warm up routine will not only prepare you physically and mentally for the activity that is about to commence, but also serve to reduce injury risk, and improve performance during the training session and in the days following. Whether you want to maximise your muscle and strength gain, burn those extra few calories on the treadmill, or stay healthy and pain free (and we should all...

The simple rules of fat loss! All you need to know to burn through fat fast!

With the hundreds of “must do’s” we see weekly on social media, it’s easy to be confused about how to drop fat and get in great shape. The latest juice cleanse, detox diets, and the extreme nutrition protocols have all led to some awesome results, so which one is right for you? Luckily, here at FX, we have you covered. Any fat loss plan works by underlying mechanisms, such as creating an energy deficit, to get results. This is the reason completely different “diets” appear to work, even though they may be conflicting in the approach (for example high-fat and...

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