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Staying on track over the festive period!

It’s our annual Christmas party this week at Fitness Experience, so what better time for a post on how to manage your fitness and nutrition this holiday season! Most of us gain weight throughout December, meaning the “I’m going to make a change in the new year” becomes the “I need to get back to where I am today in the new year”. Hence- once again, nothing changes. 2019 starts with a diet, you get back to your end of October shape by mid Feb, gain a little as you take your foot off the gas, train and diet again...

Interval Training: A key to successful performance

Recently, every time I see “interval training” used on social media, it seems to be from a “burn fat fast” perspective. The general, full body, maximum calories/ minimum time approach. Great- interval training can be used as a tool to aid in body composition improvements, as a time efficient way to create/ enhance an energy deficit. If fat loss is your goal, interval training may be a good option. (for more on fat loss, take a look here). But… Interval training is way more than “training for fat loss”! Let’s go back to before the time of “I can have the body of my...

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