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Sick of the “just eat less food” Idea? How about eating more, for less calories?

Today’s blog post is a short, simple idea, yet one that is often missed by everyone looking to achieve fat loss. We are constantly being told to eat less food. But do you really need to? Basics again- we need to create a calorie deficit. To do this, we can use more energy, consume fewer calories, or both. Let’s target the consume fewer calories option (as this one is the key part of the equation). Of course, we can keep eating the same foods, just less. This will do it- you will lose weight (all other factors being equal). But… This...

What Cardio is Best for fat loss?

What's the best type of cardio for fat loss? I still get this question regularly, and there’s two answers that I can support.   Answer 1: It doesn’t matter, it’s about the calorie deficit you create. Answer 2: One type is better for you when compared with the other options.   Both are correct. Let me explain…. Firstly, we know that to achieve any real, lasting fat loss, we must use more energy (calories) than we consume. I’ve discussed this in depth in previous blogs, such as the simple rules of fat loss.  Great, so that’s simple….. whatever burns the most calories is...

How a massage can improve your recovery and results!

Adaptation to training is dependent on two key areas, the training itself, and the subsequent recovery. If the training is good, but recovery is inadequate, you will limit your adaptation. Not only this, but under recovery can lead to reduced performance, overuse injuries, and a generally negative mindset with regards to training. An intelligent programme with adequate time to recover is important, and sleep and good nutrition are two crucial factors when it comes to recovery and adaptation. However, massage can also be hugely beneficial to recovery, meaning you get more out of your training, reduce injury risk, perform better...

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