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3 steps to your summer body!

Here it is, summer body time! Another year where there’s a rush to the latest fat loss supplements, fads, and pre holiday gym sessions (the only time of the year where this is an important place to be for some people) to hit those weight loss goals.Here’s how it goes….4 weeks from the holiday- PANIC! Start exercising 4-5x per week- as much CV as you can! Over zealous diet- low carb- low sugar- low fat- low nutrition- low everything. If it has calories, its probably bad right? 2 weeks in- look and feel like s*** Massive blip- take away/ alcohol Bad Day- F it wagon....

More than Macro’s! Why the over simplified view of fat loss fails.

Want to get lean (or hench- it works for either), but finding that regardless of tracking, somethings just not clicking? You NEED to read this. This is why it's about more than macros.I’m sorry.There, I said it. I Know everyone is looking for the most simple, quick fix answer, and unfortunately, this aint it. I’m just going to say it. Your body is not simple- there is no quick fix, and you’re more than just a machine. That said, get it right, and you’re rate of progress will probably be awesome!There IS a solution, but it takes some relatively complex...

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