March 2021

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The benefits of strength training for women

This blog post will cover the top reasons why women should opt for strength training and the benefits that will follow. It still amazes me that despite all the benefits that come from lifting weights, many women still shy away from it. Maintaining adequate muscle mass is one of the best ways to keep body fat in a healthy range and to improve overall fitness and Resistance training is the best way to build muscle. Still, the number of women who follow a consistent weight training program is extremely low in comparison to men. Lifting can seem intimidating, especially in a gym where...

Making sense of heart rate training

Heart rate monitoring can be an awesome addition to your training. Not only can it provide you with crucial information to optimise your workouts, it can also be used to monitor your progress and adaptations to a plan, as well as most systems having a great community element, helping you to keep motivated throughout your programme.  That said, most people use HR training completely wrong, and the lines get blurred between what’s a “great workout” and what’s a “random, unfocused workout”.  I’ve added a reference to a phenomenal paper on energy systems, so feel free to check that out for the nitty gritty of energy system training, but this is...

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