May 2021

Strength training for Youth Athletes: Here’s how

Strength training is an important aspect of a young/ youth athlete’s development within their sport, or sports.  When it is properly supervised and appropriately planned it is a SAFE and an effective method of developing strength and power. Here's why youth athletes, coaches and parent's should be paying attention to this!  Stages of youth development Youth strength training, especially between the ages of 13-18, falls in the early to middle stages of a Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model.  These models are based primarily on physiological adaptations and can show how athletic potential can be developed alongside biological growth. Essentially, they give coaches,...

Athletic Training: Addressing Common Concerns For Coaches And Athletes

There are a huge number of training systems/ approaches out there designed to improve sports performance. Some work exceptionally well, and some are flawed. These flawed systems are easy enough to spot if you know what to look for, but most often, it’s the perfectly good systems- the ones WE KNOW WORK- that cause the problem.  They are used out of context, and slowly but surely, start to fall apart.  This has resulted in a huge problem: Sports coaches telling players that the best approach is to “stick to the sport”. Weaknesses are never improved, strengths never maximised, and ultimately, talented athletes don’t get the opportunity to reach their potential.   As...

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