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3 steps to your summer body!

Here it is, summer body time! Another year where there’s a rush to the latest fat loss supplements, fads, and pre holiday gym sessions (the only time of the year where this is an important place to be for some people) to hit those weight loss goals.

Here’s how it goes….

  • 4 weeks from the holiday- PANIC!
  • Start exercising 4-5x per week- as much CV as you can!
  • Over zealous diet- low carb- low sugar- low fat- low nutrition- low everything. If it has calories, its probably bad right?
  • 2 weeks in- look and feel like s***
  • Massive blip- take away/ alcohol
  • Bad Day- F it wagon. Booze and pizzas.
  • Ultra-panic. Repeat the process, but more extreme.
  • Hit your weight goal.
  • Look and feel worse than you did at the start- or slightly better but not what you wanted.

Sound familiar? This seems to be a common “summer body strategy”. Obviously, this doesn’t work- but here’s the thing- if you’ve tried it, you let it slip that you want to improve, and are willing to work for it!

So, why not do what works! Look and feel amazing this summer (and every summer) by following these steps!

Step 1- be ready!

The diet before the diet. Hear me out…

Most people come into a diet from a really poor starting point. Low fitness levels, poor blood sugar control, poor health- just generally a bad place to start to drop bodyfat. Starting an extreme diet from here often leads to your body screaming for more opportunity to recover, eats through lean mass, keeps hold of more fat than you would like, increases the risk of illness, injury and general deficiencies, and overall has you wishing you never tried to get in shape in the first place.

Your diet will always be far more effective if you are fit, strong, healthy, metabolically flexible, and able to handle various nutrition protocols and training strategies. So, before you decide last minute you need to put your body through more hell, recover, get healthy, get fit- build a base, and from there, you can then better predict and control your diet.

Step 2- Give it enough time!

Most of these diets fail because there is simply not enough time to achieve what you want. Yes, you can lose 3-4 lbs per week, so if you think you have 12 lbs to lose, then give it 4 weeks, and you should be there, right?

But hang on, why do you have 12 lbs to lose? Is it bodyfat? Do you have the muscle to sustain the shape you want? Is the diet going to cost you muscle? How do you avoid this?

Let’s take these factors into account…. We can even assume that you have the muscle, and just need to drop fat. Remember, the bigger the deficit, the more weight lost, but both fat and lean mass will start to go. Therefore, your 12 lbs bodyfat target has not been achieved. You’ve probably lost 5-6 lbs of fat, and 6-7 lbs of lean mass. Therefore, you don’t look or feel how you should.

Let’s do this properly, with a small deficit, hitting about 1.5lbs a week. Let’s also assume it’s not going to be perfect, linear, or easy to drop weight. 10-12 weeks with a modest deficit, good training and adequate nutrition would be a reasonable timeframe to drop the bodyfat, keep the muscle, and actually hit your target!

Step 3- Start now!

How long do you have until your target date?

8 weeks? 10? 16?

What do you want to achieve? Fat loss? More muscle? Both? I can assure you, 100%, no question, that your best option is to START NOW.

Are you in a good place to diet? Fit? High Structure? Good nutrition and metabolism? And you have plenty of time? GREAT! This is ideal, you can be patient, gradually dropping bodyfat whilst ensuring your lean mass doesn’t suffer! You have time for a few blips (I don’t mean cheats, I mean time to realise the plan may need adjusting), and you’ll be in awesome shape by your end date! SUCCESS!

Not in a good place today? Unfit? No structure? Poor Diet? But plenty of time, and modest targets? GREAT! Let’s look to work on the base, you’ll be steadily achieving your body composition goals whilst we do this, but the “weight loss” may be a little steadier than you may have been expecting. Don’t worry- you’ll feel great, look great, and be in a great position to take it up a level in a few weeks- SUCCESS!

What if I’m not ready to start working on my summer body?

If you’re not in a good place to start, and have no time….. STILL START NOW! Trust me, it’s better than not doing! But be mindful that you want to make sure you get healthy, so no extreme weight loss diets- maximum fat loss, minimum lean mass loss, improved fitness, improved health- they’re the targets, not a random number on the scales. And hey, getting on track now means that you’re always on the right path in the future, ultimately leading to SUCCESS!

You know the alternative- keep doing the same thing most people do as we outlined at the start of this blog… But you know the out come to that….

Don’t forget to check out our other blogs on fat loss! And if you’re really ready to move forward- well just drop us a quick message and we will get back to you ASAP! Contact us here. For more information in the form of videos, check out my IGTV here.

Good luck with your summer body plan- these steps make it work, so don’t skip them!

Josh Kennedy MSc

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