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Alex- Body Composition


Alex worked with us using both online training and our “be the man” course. After a strong background in various sports, and an enthusiastic gym goer, Alex felt it was time to take his results to the next level. He had seen some results in the gym, but after months of training and “eating well”, he had started to see his results plateau, so came to FX for help moving his physique to the next level. This was something he’d been looking to achieve for a while, but with a wedding and honeymoon booked, he decided now was the time to take action.

Working with Josh, Alex reshaped his approach to nutrition and training. In initial weeks, building a solid foundation in the gym, in addition to simply setting some reasonable nutritional habits was key. With the previous months of trying to get results without proper guidance, he had build up some overuse injuries, and metabolic adaptations that were priority to correct in the initial stages. After the first 6-8 weeks, we had corrected these issues- he had solid nutritional habits matching his training, and had managed to correct most of the issues he was having in the gym (for the most post, simple movement corrections and an appropriate loading strategy was all that was needed).

After this initial phase, we were able to focus on bringing his body composition into a range that he was looking for. This happened rapidly due to the initial foundations phase, and despite holidays and other less than perfect events in the build up, he was feeling great for both his wedding and honeymoon. After this, Alex came back to working with Josh on our “be the man” course, which helped him to build clarity on his goals, and see the main areas that he needed to spend more time focusing on to take his results to the next level. Alex’s results demonstrate that you can achieve great results, even with a less than ideal schedule during your plan.

“Working with Josh helped me to see that for hard work in the gym to pay off, we need to be smart about nutrition and recovery. Hitting the gym hard is only part of the equation to getting in shape, and understanding recovery and relaxation can have a huge impact on injuries, strength and fat loss!”


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