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Ben- 8 Week Transformation


The past few months have been difficult for everyone, but we said from the start, focus on the things you can control. Create clarity, then make it happen! Ben did exactly that. He was making great progress in the gym in the weeks leading up to the lockdown, but this presented a whole new challenge. He was determined to continue making progress with body composition and fitness, despite not having access to the gym.

How the hell do you make progress with just bodyweight?! As we said from early on, if you understand the principles, you can create a plan for almost any situation.As soon as we announced it, Ben Joined our 8 week Home Workout Programme, and got to work.

He watched the webinars, followed the guidance, and stuck to the plan. It was great to see such a solid level of dedication from the outset.
A few weeks in, we had a conversation about the progress he was making. He’d seen a great shift in weight, and after watching the webinars, asked an important question:“Am I losing too fast?”

We had a good chat about what to expect, and had an idea that weight would probably be jumping back up a little after some adjustments, but that didn’t mean his progress was slowing. As expected, weight jumped back up a little, but we’d planned for this, and he kept on track. This type of fluctuation can often stall long term progress if it’s not expected as it leads to the “what am I doing wrong?!” mindset.

We’d planned for this, so he stuck to the plan, and continued to make awesome progress.8 weeks after starting, over 7kg down, and feeling great, Ben told us:

         “I didn’t think I would ever get this lean! Now, I’m confident I can keep making progress!”



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