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Ben- Trial Running and Triathlon


Ben has worked with us at FX over several training phases to help him to take his performance to new levels. As a fell running competitor, Ben has always had a great work ethic. To take performance to his potential, he was looking for addition support with nutrition and training structure.

In addition to competition, Ben had a busy, and high stress work life, which was always a consideration. Ben approached FX due to recurring injuries and plateaued performances, with the hope of improving his overall performance.

Working with Josh, we completely re shaped Ben’s approach to training, with the addition of strength training, structured (targeted) specific conditioning sessions, and a reduction in overall training volume. In addition, Ben approach to nutrition and recovery was completely re shaped. After his initial training period, Ben was performing at his best, and feeling in great shape.

We worked with Ben in the build up to the Matterhorn Ultracks trial race in 2016, and his half Ironman in 2019.


“Consistently performing well in endurance events is tough, but alongside a busy work schedule it’s almost impossible! Josh transformed my approach to training, and helped me to build the confidence and fitness to perform in some of my most challenging events!”


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