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Anthony – Body Composition


” I always trust FX to help me to move forward with my strength, fitness and physique. As a business owner, finding a training and nutrition routine that works for me was key. FX helped me with this, and I’m now fitter than ever!”

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Alex – Body Composition


“Working with Josh helped me to see that for hard work in the gym to pay off, we need to be smart about nutrition and recovery. Hitting the gym hard is only part of the equation to getting in shape, and understanding recovery and relaxation can have a huge impact on injuries, strength and fat loss!”

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Chris – Body Composition


“I’m really happy with the experience and can’t fault the things that you do at FX as the results speak for themselves. Great group of people and a great family of trainers. They pushed me to do more than I would have ever done on my own, and showed me some training techniques I hadn’t used or thought of before. I’m looking forward to my next challenge with them! Never stand still: Keep moving forward.”

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Gian – Body Composition


“Although i’d spent years training in the past. Working with FX was different. They helped me to understand my training and nutrition programme, and understand how to get the most out of the gym sessions! Im regularly hitting pb’s in the gym and in the best shape i’ve been for years! Bring on the next challenge!”

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Kieron – Body Composition


“Despite managing a difficult routine, the team at FX have helped me to make huge progress towards my goals. We’ve had challenges along the way, but having the support to help me to manage these issues that would have normally meant falling off plan has made a huge diffence to my results. I feel great and I’m still making progress!”

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Nicola – Body Composition & Wellness


“I came to FX after struggling to make progress in the gym. I am leaner, fitter and stronger than ever.” 

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Ben – Body Composition


“I didn’t think I would ever get this lean! Now, I’m confident I can keep making progress!”

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Kieron – Body Composition

  “When your AFTER THE AFTER photo is this good, you know you’re winning.”

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