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Chris- Body Composition


Chris has been training for a good few year’s before he started on our 8 week physique programme. Chris joined us feeling that his training had plateaued and he was going through the motions in the gym, without the results to show for it.

Throughout the training you could see that Chris was focussed, had knew the plan and above all knew that he was the one making the changes so would also be made accountable. With daily check in Chris knew he the support he need to achieve his goals. He was given the tools to do it  and knew he could could to us anytime if he needed further help. 7 weeks later after adjustments to his nutrition and training programme, Chris has lost over 5.7kg, and has increased his strength and muscle mass. These awesome results speak for themselves.

“I’m really happy with the experience and can’t fault the things that you do at FX as the results speak for themselves. Great group of people and a great family of trainers. They pushed me to do more than I would have ever done on my own, and showed me some training techniques I hadn’t used or thought of before. I’m looking forward to my next challenge with them! Never stand still: Keep moving forward.”


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