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Danny Ings- Performance

I started to work with Jamie after speaking to Kieran Tripper who played at Burnley with me. Trips told me that he worked with Jamie at Fitness Experience in the previous pre season and knew a few other players that trained with him and they all highly recommended him.

Following a short break I started to work with Jamie and we trained for about 5 weeks. The first week Jamie did a few sessions to help me get back used to working at a high intensity at which point then started to target the specific areas I wanted to improve. These included speed, power and strength. The programme was structured around my precise needs and I even had to do a couple of sessions over face time during a short break in Marbella.

 People ask me if I improved because of this and all I need to do is show my results. I increased my weights capacity (squats, dead lift etc) overall by around 20% each and as for speed work and speed endurance I improved on my ‘Yoyo’ test when I got back to the club by 6 levels on last season.

“The fitness coaches and the manager commented on my high fitness levels when I got back and asked what I had been doing to build this over summer. They were very impressed with my improvement in all areas.”


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