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Dec- Performance and Body Composition


Dec worked with FX using both our online training and our “Be The Man” course, to help to understand how to take his training and performance in both strength sports (powerlifting) and football simultaneously. He had a strong training background, and was already successful within these sports, however he struggled to develop one of these areas without reducing the capacity of the other. In addition, building a good physique was something he had been working on, and without having any bias towards any of these goals (he was looking to improve strength, fitness and physique), we helped him to devise a programme that allowed for this.

One of the key missing links in Dec’s performance was an under emphasis on recovery. He had a great work ethic, and a solid training background, but his mindset of 100% all the time wasn’t going to allow for long term success with regards to developing various fitness qualities in a sustainable manner. Working with Josh, we designed a programme that included strength and power days, conditioning work, hypertrophy work, and recovery modalities (some of which simply included walking, and relaxation techniques. We also alternated the loading to include short deload blocks. With intelligent and complex programme design, in addition to a revised approach to nutrition, Dec made huge progress in strength and body composition, in addition to his football specific fitness.

“I’ve always tried to keep on top of my fitness and performance, but this was always either to build strength or fitness- one area always took a step back when i developed the other. Working with Josh helped me to understand this doesn’t need to be the case, and despite a higher focus on recovery, my strength AND fitness both improved massively throughout the training” 


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