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FX Open Day Session Descriptions

Session 1- Using Genetics to inform Nutrition, Training and Recovery (10-10.30am)

In this session, Josh will look to give an insight into the emerging benefits of understanding our genetics to optimise training, nutrition and recovery. This field is rapidly growing, and understanding what it CAN tell us, and as importantly what it CAN NOT tell us is essential. As a strength and conditioning coach, nutrition coach and personal trainer, Josh will explain how we use genetic data to inform on your ideal plan here at FX Fitness Experience. Following this session, there is the option to have your own genetic testing done, including a follow up consultation with Josh explaining the results and helping you to understand your own training and results better.


Session 1(b)- Is Strength Training Really necessary in an endurance training plan (10-10.15am)

In this session, FX trainers Chris and Ryan will be discussing the importance of including strength training within an endurance training plan. Often for endurance athletes, this area of their training is neglected, leading to limited performance, compromised movement economy and increased rates of injury. Learn how to incorporate strength training alongside endurance training plans to maximise potential and reduce injury risk (opportunity for participation).

Session 1(c)- Introduction to functional movement (10.15-10.30)

A lot had been discussed recently about the benefits of functional movement. This short introduction from FX trainer Alex Cowie will explain what functional movement is and how its wide reaching benefits can apply in every walk of life. The session will include demonstrations and practical elements to help you to understand the ideas behind functional movement, and how it can and should be used to compliment other areas of training and wellness.


Session 2- Functional Movement Screening (FMS)(10.30-11am)

FMS certified coach and FX personal trainer Andrew Bennet will take you through some of the key points of the Functional Movement Screen. The Screen looks to identify movement limitations, and can provide an early insight into potential injuries, even before they cause any problems. By completing the screen with an FMS professional, we can make adaptations to your training to correct any issues before they occur. This session is ideal for anyone looking to improve their overall health, fitness and wellness.

Session 2(b)- Strength vs Physique, part 1. Programming and Exercise Execution. (10.30-11am)

In this session, nationally ranked competitive powerlifter and FX personal trainer Matt Brown will discuss the differences between training programming strategies for maximum strength vs hypertrophy. In addition, some of the exercise techniques vary due to goals, often being heavily criticised for specific variations between movements without an understanding to why that movement is performed. This session will be practical, and will be informative for anyone looking to improve strength or body composition.

Session 3 – Strength and Physique, part 2. Nutrition (11-11.30am)

Building on Session 2(b), matt will discuss the differences in nutrition priorities for strength vs physique training adaptations. Again, the “right” and “wrong” way to eat is regularly discussed. Matt will discuss the context of why certain nutrition protocols take priority, why they work, and what the pros and cons are for each strategy.


Session 3(b)- Does Box-Fit into your training programme (11-11.30am)

FX Personal Trainer Andy will use his years of coaching fitness and his passion for boxing to create a brilliant high intensity group training session. Andy will discuss where this fits into different types of training programme, and why it’s appropriate for all fitness levels, abilities and goals. This is a practical session, so please feel free to join in!


Afternoon Sessions



Session 4- Developing Fundamental Skills (12-12.15pm), Developing Athletes (12.15-12.30pm), Developing Youth Athletes (12.30-12.45pm)

In this session, FX Fitness Experience Director Josh Kennedy will discuss the importance of a solid foundation for health, performance and longevity. This part of the session is designed for everyone at every fitness level, age and ability. Josh Then builds on this by discussing how these fundamental skills form the basis of all athletic performance, and how we transfer “strength” to “performance” in sport, and plan over the long term. This is designed for anyone looking to improve sporting performance at any level. Josh Will then end the session by discussing the considerations to make when training youth athletes and young people in general to ensure we can maximise their long term potential health and wellness. This session is designed for anyone looking to understand the important considerations to make when trying to manage performance and activity levels alongside development, the focus of this session will be ages from 12-21, and is aimed at parents, teachers and coaches.

Session 4 (b)- Primal Movement Coaching (12.15-12.45pm)

This session, run by FX Trainer Alex Cowie, will look at primal movement patterns. this session will build on his earlier functional movement session, and discuss some of the benefits of the movements we were engineered to perform through millions of years of evolution. Alex will also take this further by discussing some less common movement patterns that we can take advantage of to build strength and stability in problem areas including shoulders and hips. This session will be practical if you wish to join in, so please give it a go.

Session 5- Pilates for Injury Prevention (1-1.30pm)

In this session, Sue will be combining her knowledge and experience and a keen recreational endurance athlete, Pilates instructor and personal trainer to discuss the benefits of adding a specific Pilates training programme into your schedule to minimise injury risk, and help to rehabilitate injuries. This session will discuss and demonstrate some key prevention strategies for common injuries/ issues including lower back and shoulder problems.

Session 5 (b)- Metabolic Conditioning (1.15-1.45pm)

In this high intensity, practical session, FX personal trainer Chris will discuss the pros and cons of different types of training to maximise overall fitness and fat loss. This session will be tough, but a great way to freshen up your ideas on those dreaded “cardio” sessions.


Session 5 (c)- Advanced Training Techniques (1.15-1.45pm)

In this session, Ryan will discuss the best ways to break through your plateaus when it comes to building muscle, or maintaining muscle during extreme fat loss. This session will cover the theory behind some of the key reasons we build muscle, and demonstrate a few techniques that will help you break through those tough sticking points. This session will require participation, and to maximise benefit we suggest you already have a reasonable amount of “gym” experience.

Session 6- Yoga for Recovery (1.45-2.15pm)

In This Session, Sue Kennedy, Director of  Your Yoga Experience, will discuss the benefits of yoga to overall recovery. This is the missing link in most training programmes- often, training is great, and the lack of recovery is what’s wrong! She will discuss the benefits of yoga for not only relaxation and stress reduction, but also on helping muscle length return to normal, and promoting a switch from “breaking down” to “building back up better”. This session will be a mix of practice and theory. This is the most underrated area in fitness and performance, and improving your recovery can make a huge difference to results in every area.

PRIZE DRAW! (2.30pm)

everyone who attends the open day will be automatically entered into our prize draw at the end of the day. Again, we hope to see you all, as this day is open to both members and non-members (but please let us know you are coming!). Prizes as follows:

1st- one month FREE Personal Training at FX worth £240!

2nd- 50% off any PT or Yoga packages for one month!

3rd- 1 month FREE fitness classes (members only)


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