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FX Wellness Workshop and Seminar

We’re  holding an FX Wellness Workshop and seminar this weekend  on Saturday 19th  November  11am-2pm (or later if you want to stay for the Yoga taster session). Here’s the order of the day.


At FX alongside our qualifications and theory knowledge, we have over 40,000 sessions worth of experience gained  in the last 5 years alone! This provides us with the ability to put the theory into practical situations and foresee problems before they arise. As we only have our clients for 45 mins at a time mainly 2 x per week , things can get missed. Important bits of information relating to your wellness whilst doing your PT plan can get forgotten or ‘Presumed to be the norm’. These include things like, stretching, posture, mind muscle connection, sleep, adaptation to workout dependent of stress or how you’re feeling on the day, flexibility/mobility  and how to deal with injury  or  injury prevention. We will be showing how we can implement coping strategies such as holistic therapy’s to help deal with all of the above.

The workshop is FREE to all clients and will be presented by Josh, Sue, Ryan, Alex and Louis. We hope to see the majority of our clients there on Saturday 19th . If you are a previous client and are interested in attending then please contact Jamie on 01282 454788 or message the Facebook group here.

11.00   Introduction -10 mins

  • Why are we here
  • Why does this matter

11.10 Posture, Form and Movement – 20 mins

  • Why this matters
  • Common errors
  • What is good posture/ good lifting position
  • Why cant we get there? Why does this matter
  • How to be safe, and work towards progression

11.30 Functional exercises and applications to life – 30 mins

  • Why do we train functionally
  • Where does this fit in with strength/ performance training (bridge the gap between training and outcome)
  • Examples and how this can help with injury prevention, comfort day to day, etc

12.00 Dealing with injury/ illness – 20 mins

  • How do we avoid injury (covered earlier)
  • How do we avoid unnecessary illness
  • But they happen- so how do we cope with them
  • Training around an injury/ to better an injury
  • Do I train when i’m ill?
  • Practical guidance

12.20-12.35           Break

12.35 Stress and mental state – 20 Mins

  • Breathing strategy and control,
  • The effect of stress on recovery and training
  • Stress and body composition
  • Strategies to combat stress

12.55 Sleep  – 20 mins

  • How much sleep do you need
  • What affects this
  • Quality of sleep
  • Relationships to training
  • Relationships to stress
  • Strategies to optimise sleep

1.15   recovery from training  – 15 mins

  • Nutrition
  • Light Exercises
  • Foam rolling, stretching, etc

1.30   Improving movement and wellness  – 15 mins

  • Warm up/ listen to your body, etc
  • Summary of points

1.45   Yoga and Pilates as strategies to improve all elements?  – 15 mins

  • What are they
  • What do they improve (relative to what we discussed today)
  • Who are they for?

2.00   Optional yoga taster session 


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