Gemma- Weight Loss & Performance


Gemma has been working with us at FX for five months to lose weight and improve her fitness for playing and officiating hockey. As a keen hockey player, Gemma was used to putting in a lot of hard work and and training consistently, however she was looking for that extra push to help her get to the next level.

Working with Mike we looked closely at her diet, and put her on a calorie controlled diet, not banning any foods but learning about what to have and eating in moderation to allow for recovery from gym sessions and hockey session, having enough energy for all her sport and lose weight. Training was also structured to improve fitness for both playing and officiating, which certain levels were needed to be obtained.

During her time here, Gemma has so far lost just shy of TWO STONE in bodyweight and passed her first fitness test as she progresses as a Hockey official.

“Before training at FX I was struggling with weight loss, but since joining we have changed the way I train and how I look at my diet and the results have been great. I’ve lost weight and feel much fitter”


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