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Get your priorities right!

Are your priorities right to achieve your fitness goals?

I’ve made this mistake. If you’re completely honest, you probably have too. In fact, you could be making it right now. You see, getting not your priorities right in fitness is a huge reason people fail to reach their goal.

Think about it for a second. How many times have you said “this is it, I will achieve (insert goal here)”. Every time you make this commitment, you see yourself succeed. Maybe in your minds eye you’re walking on the beach, lean, feeling awesome. Maybe you’re hitting that huge deadlift. Maybe you’re playing football with the kids, without fear that you can’t keep up.

What does this look like for you?

Whatever the goal, when you make the commitment and set out on the plan, you can already see that achievement.

Now, the first problem here can be clarity. If you can’t see what you want to achieve, and how you feel when you get there, then you’re going to struggle to make it happen. Today however, that’s not what we’re going to talk about. What we’re going to talk about is the problem MOST PEOPLE face once they achieve clarity. Sorting out their PRIORITIES.

Here’s three of the most common examples I see of people having their priorities COMPLETELY out of sync with their goal.

Luckily, each one has an amazing simple solution. In each situation, the ONE SIMPLE STEP outlined here will help you to achieve that vision of your goals. It just takes courage to make the change now.


Priorities problem #1: Training and diet worked, so more training and more diet will work more!

Here’s one for all you super committed, driven, highly motivated, go getters. This mistake is often made by people who have a solid fitness level, a good training background, and see VERY LITTLE PROGRESS year on year.

Here’s the situation. You already work out every day. You already smashed that low calorie diet. And after some huge initial success, the results start to fade. So, you do more, and eat less. You get so lost in chasing the rainbow that you forget what you’re doing it for. You now aren’t giving yourself enough energy to make any real improvements in performance. Your training level is the same, day in, day out. The less you eat, the worse it gets. So, you’re stuck in a rut.

Here’s your solution.

The thing that got you the results initially IS NOT what you need to focus on now. Yes, maybe you still have some body fat to lose, but if you’re now at 1000 calories a day, 2 hours training, and making no progress, then take a step back! Spend time working on your health. Build a solid metabolic rate. Build some muscle mass. Improve your digestion. Meditate. Give yourself a few months where you’re allowing yourself to improve overall health. You’re goals will need your body to be functioning well!

Stop kicking the door in when there’s a key hung just behind you.

Re-evaluate your targets, re-evaluate what’s stopping you now (because it’s different from before!) and start to work on making progress in those areas!

This is super common- if this is you, contact us here and we will help you to work beyond this.


Priorities problem #2: Wanting fat loss, but not tracking your diet because you “don’t want to live like that”.

“I know that’s how YOU do things, but I’m going to stick to (insert points, sins, dragonballs, or whatever else you want to call this made up calorie counting system here)”.

Same person in 6 months- zero progress. “I tried, but it just didn’t work for me”.

Did you try and monitor your calories?

“Yeah, but I wasn’t seeing results, and it was a little difficult, so I went back to XYZ diet”.


6 months of dieting, and no freaking progress? All because you want to “diet sustainably”? F*** that! Live sustainably after the diet.


That small habit, of just a few minutes a day, could have helped you to get to your end goal in the time it’s taken you to figure out which diets you don’t like. I don’t know about you, but my time is a HELL of a lot more valuable than that.

You see, we know how to make you lose fat as an individual. Create a calorie deficit. No, it’s not ONLY about numbers, but we can GUARENTEE this will work, once you’ve figured out the basics (food intake, activity levels, metrics, etc).

When you’re dieting, you’ll be a little hungry. Solve this by eating protein, veg and drinking more water. You’ll still be a little hungry, because you’re dieting. But it’s temporary!

Here’s the solution for anyone not seeing results on their diet.

Track your calorie every day. Keep activity relatively consistent through the week. Monitor progress. Adjust accordingly. 100% results guaranteed!



Priorities problem #3: Wanting to improve health, but too stressed and busy to train.

“Now just isn’t the right time. As soon as things settle, I’ll start to look after myself”.

This situation is more common than you think. If you’re not in the gym at the minute, or not making progress towards your goal, there’s a good chance this is your excuse.

But it’s a lie.

Being busy, feeling like you have no time, dealing with stress is MORE of a reason to put yourself first. The right training plan can improve not only your health, but also help you to control stress and mindset. You’ll be able to focus better, you’ll help to manage mood, you’ll generally be more productive, and more pleasant to be around.

And when it comes to “having no time”, step back, record where your time and energy is going at the minute, and then re-evaluate. Chances are, you’re losing time through being unfocused, unproductive, and on tasks that don’t help you to move towards your goal. Plan 3 hours a week to work out, and stick to it. Diet and exercise will help you to keep in good health.

Don’t wait until your health deteriorates to realise how important all areas of health are to you and those around you.



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Josh Kennedy MSc, ASCC, CSCS

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