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Hitting those Macro Nutrient targets! 

What are Macro Nutrients?

These are your proteins, fats & carbs. Proteins help build, repair muscle tissue and aid in good liver function. These can be found in meat, fish & dairy. Fats can come in good and bad forms and the good fats are essential in everyone’s diet in my opinion. The best forms come from salmon, mackerel , tuna and sardines. Good fats also enable our bodies to burn fat more efficiently and reduce Inflammation through omega 3 fish oils. Finally carbohydrates can aid in muscle growth, energy production and helping with dropping body fat depending on individual goals and their bodies responses.

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So why are these so Important?

The importance of macro nutrients is that they are essential to your training and your overall goal outcome, but most importantly they help  maintain your results! We need them on a daily basis to help our bodies function in normal life and through training.

Knowing your goal & the Split of Macro Nutrients.

Knowing your goal is the most important bit of this process, understanding whether you need to gain weight, maintain or decrease your bodyweight is crucial. If you are looking to lose weight then you need to be in a calorie deficit of an average 500kcal less than what you’re burning in order for you to lose weight and body fat.

If you’re looking to increase weight through muscle tissue and mass then you need to be eating around 500 extra calories in order for that weight to increase. It is that simple but people often overlook this and make it more complicated than it is.

Are you Under Eating?

As an example- if you’re looking to lose weight and in a calorie deficit of 500kcal (needing 2000 kcal per day) and you are under eating and only consuming 1200kcal as an example, then this can have an opposite effect on your results and your body will start feeding off itself – wasting muscle tissue, mess your metabolism up and will be more prone to putting that weight back on. So making sure you reach your daily targets is essential to your results! If you’re 10% under or over on your targets do not worry –  I say to people all the time as long as you get as close as you can to them you’ll be fine. Bearing in mind you’re eating enough!

Fit it into your schedule!

Most people might think ‘oh I can’t eat that much a day’ it’s too much. Yes you can!! Break your day down, know your eating pattern- as an example: Breakfast, Dinner, Tea, Supper. Average each macro nutrient down for each meal and consume adequate amounts. Making sure you reach or are near your target intake for that day. There’s no one way about it, whatever works for you, do it and you’ll stick to it consistently and results will follow.

Prepare food/ Weekly shop/ Online Shopping.

One of the most important things to do if you don’t have time during the week is to spend 30 min to 1 hour at the weekend, Sunday for example prepping your food for the week ahead. That’s all it takes! Then get at least 3-4 meals prepared for you to take to work, something that is easy to warm up or to have cold. This way you will less likely to buy crap out of the vending machine and buy a ‘meal deal’ from tesco. Preparation is key and everyone can do it!! A balance of proteins, fats & carbs with each meal will be the best way to do this.
One of the best things a lot of people do is plan their weekly shop online knowing exactly what they need for their meals etc & family food. Order it, get it delivered on a weekend and get your meals done and organised for the week. This will save a lot  time and you’ll be less likely to pick random things you don’t even need off the supermarket shelf.

Prioritise – make time!! No excuses.

It’s really that simple. Make a list of your priorities in life, now if fitness and healthy eating isn’t up there, then you need to move it up the list! Make it a priority and you’ll reap the rewards. Set a specific time and day to get your food planned and do other things with family around it.

How much do you actually want it?

Do I need to say more?! This is all it comes down to. Set yourself a goal, have a picture of where you want to be (realistically). Now It’s ok saying I’ll do it and planning – it time to TAKE ACTION to get  the RESULTS –  Game On!

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