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How a massage can improve your recovery and results!

Adaptation to training is dependent on two key areas, the training itself, and the subsequent recovery. If the training is good, but recovery is inadequate, you will limit your adaptation. Not only this, but under recovery can lead to reduced performance, overuse injuries, and a generally negative mindset with regards to training. An intelligent programme with adequate time to recover is important, and sleep and good nutrition are two crucial factors when it comes to recovery and adaptation.

However, massage can also be hugely beneficial to recovery, meaning you get more out of your training, reduce injury risk, perform better and feel great whilst you take steps towards your goals. We suggest that soft tissue work (including massage) should be done regularly for anyone training relatively regularly, for the reasons stated above.

One of the biggest benefits of massage is the reduction in DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). After an intense training session, we can get sore (think walking upstairs after leg day!). This soreness is perfectly normal, and in no way indicates an injury- but nor is it necessary for adaptation (although it will be a regular feature in most muscle building plans). In addition to the general soreness, DOMS can actually negatively impact your next training session, directly limiting the amount of work you can do.

Luckily, Sports Massage can help you to recover and directly reduce the impact of DOMS- meaning better results, less soreness, reduced injury risk and more great training and results! Massage reduces DOMS and helps with recovery in the following ways:

·       Increased lymphatic drainage

·       Increased blood flow

·       Increased muscle temperature

·       Relieved muscle tension

·       De-Sensitisation

Here at FX, we offer sports massage as a part of our physiotherapy sessions to all FX Clients. In addition to sports massage, we offer FMS screening and physiotherapy assessment to help you with any niggles or recurring injuries you may have. Our team works closely with the physio to effectively communicate and build a plan around any issues.

Sports massage will be a hugely addition to your plan, so make sure this vital element of recovery is not overlooked!

PS. Yoga can also be awesome for recovery, so make sure you check out your yoga experience here. 

Josh Kennedy MSc, Fitness Experience Director

Ed Williams, Fitness Experience Physio

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