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The Process

For Athletes, or those clients looking for performance-related goals, our advanced strength and conditioning programmes may be the right choice for you. These plans consider every aspect of performance in detail, from injury risk, prehab and/ or rehabilitation, to providing a detailed analysis of the required fitness attributes required for you to perform at your potential.

This detailed “needs analysis” is then used to determine your training, considering your current fitness qualities, sport, time of season, match schedule, position and more.

We have successfully implemented our S&C protocols with athletes from all areas, including premier league footballers, endurance athletes, NCAA Division 1 scholars, international level youth athletes and more.

All strength and conditioning programmes follow this detailed protocol, developed by Josh Kennedy MSc, ASCC. Josh is an accredited Strength and conditioning coach with the UKSCA, and has been awarded the grade of distinction for his MSc programme in strength and conditioning. The programme was developed in conjunction with Jamie Kennedy, using over a decade of experience working with professional athletes to establish the best route for athletes at different stages in their careers.

If you truly want to reach your performance potential, the high-quality strength and conditioning coaching at Fitness Experience is the best path for you.

I went to preseason with Jamie for a couple years some in season training. We worked specifically on strength development speed and also an agility to get me ready to re-join my club at full fitness after the brakes including before and after my wedding/honeymoon. The results are I got when working with Jamie were 2nd to non-helping me improve all my target areas and also drop body fat and gain lean muscle at the same time. I put the work I did with Jamie down as one of the biggest contributing factors to the successful and injury free seasons we have had.

Oliver Norwood
Fulham and Northern Ireland

Overall I cannot praise Josh and all the team at Fitness Experience enough all the staff are very friendly and helpful and create an environment where you can ask the silly questions without being judged or be made to feel inadequate. Josh’s knowledge and PT skills have been invaluable in helping me to achieve my goals and I will continue to train there to make sure I’m always pushing myself to achieving the best results I can.

Joe Crawford
North West 4x Regional Boxing Champion

I came to Fitness Experience to enhance my performance before moving away to university in America. I wanted to achieve an optimal level of performance as I would be competing regularly in the states. I was very eager to start as member of my family already attended Fitness Experience. I saw Josh for my consultation and found the information given very useful. I decided to work with Josh because I believed this was the best approach to achieving my goals.

Kerry Holding
NCAA D2 Swimming, Carson Newman

My background is fell running and I have done this for many years I have always maintained a pretty good standard but never doing anything with my diet or cross training my results had plateaued and I was unhappy with how I looked and felt. On hearing about the Team at Fitness Experience I went down and explained my goals thoroughly with Josh my PT who helped me understand what I wanted to get out of the training and how best to go about it in a way I could understand to help me achieve my goals in the long run.

Ben Frechette
Regional Level Competitive Fell Runner

The stages of training were set out perfectly for me to aim at with clear guidance on nutrition when and what to train and what and when to do it, it started with 3 sessions a week with Josh in the gym and a further 2-3 sessions to do by myself but every time I was learning more about how my body works and week on week I was seeing results. I won’t lie sometimes it was a struggle but knowing you have someone with you to guide you and show you how to do things properly keeps you focused on your goals.

Ben Frechette
Regional Level Competitive Fell Runner

I started to work with Jamie after speaking to Kieran Tripper who played at Burnley with me. Trips told me that he worked with Jamie at Fitness Experience in the previous pre season and knew a few other players that trained with him and they all highly recommended him.

Danny Ings
Burnley Football Club

Following a short break I started to work with Jamie and we trained for about 5 weeks. The first week Jamie did a few sessions to help me get back used to working at a high intensity at which point then started to target the specific areas I wanted to improve. These included speed, power and strength. The programme was structured around my precise needs and I even had to do a couple of sessions over face time during a short break in Marbella.

Danny Ings
Burnley Football Club

During the training we focussed initially on technique and then moved onto power and strength work, this is an area that we don’t really work on during the season, with the aim of enhancing my personal body performance . We did a balance of sessions in the gym, running and sprint work along with plyometric sessions and Pilates.

Danny Ings
Burnley Football Club

People ask me if I improved because of this and all I need to do is show my results. I increased my weights capacity (squats, dead lift etc) overall by around 20% each and as for speed work and speed endurance I improved on my ‘Yoyo’ test when I got back to the club by 6 levels on last season. The fitness coaches and the manager commented on my high fitness levels when I got back and asked what I had been doing to build this over summer. They were very impressed with my improvement in all areas.

Danny Ings
Burnley Football Club

I have worked with Jamie for a few years both pre and during season.We worked on improving my strength and power for the step up to the Premier League and now continue to work on my fitness each pre-season. The Sessions are great and I massively felt the benefit almost straight away. I would recommend going to see Jamie if you want to take your sport seriously and make the next level. Thanks for your help.

Jay Rodriguez
Southampton Football Club and England U21s

Josh helped me to get back in shape after a serious knee injury, allowing me to finish my season strong in preparation to start my Soccer Scholarship

Grace Bullock
NCAA D1 Soccer Player, Georgia Gwinnett

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