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The Process

For Athletes, or those clients looking for performance-related goals, our advanced strength and conditioning programmes may be the right choice for you. These plans consider every aspect of performance in detail, from injury risk, prehab and/ or rehabilitation, to providing a detailed analysis of the required fitness attributes required for you to perform at your potential.

This detailed “needs analysis” is then used to determine your training, considering your current fitness qualities, sport, time of season, match schedule, position and more.

We have successfully implemented our S&C protocols with athletes from all areas, including premier league footballers, endurance athletes, NCAA Division 1 scholars, international level youth athletes and more.

All strength and conditioning programmes follow this detailed protocol, developed by Josh Kennedy MSc, ASCC. Josh is an accredited Strength and conditioning coach with the UKSCA, and has been awarded the grade of distinction for his MSc programme in strength and conditioning. The programme was developed in conjunction with Jamie Kennedy, using over a decade of experience working with professional athletes to establish the best route for athletes at different stages in their careers.

If you truly want to reach your performance potential, the high-quality strength and conditioning coaching at Fitness Experience is the best path for you.



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