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Jackie- Wellness


Coaching is about working with people to find an individual approach that works for them, allowing them to integrate health and fitness into their life as a long term habit. Jackie had tried many methods before working with FX, but without any consistent success.

Previously trying strict approaches that were unnecessarily rigid and lacked flexibility whilst trying to balance a stressful career and family life left her underwhelmed with her fitness journey. We first began by identifying why other approaches hadn’t satisfied her, before devising an evidence based but flexible plan that focused on a positive relationship with food, a reverse dieting approach and progressive strength training.

She has shown exceptional discipline throughout, as she has worked through physical and mental challenges along the way and massively improved her body composition and strength.

During her time at FX, she has lost 8% body fat and increased her lean body mass by just under 4kg, whilst eating an additional 400-500 calories per day. And her progress isn’t slowing down! She can now squat and deadlift well over her own bodyweight for reps, performs weighted press ups and bodyweight chin ups and dips!

This is what Jackie had to say about her experience with us so far:


“I have been training with Matt now for 12 months, and words fail me. I cannot believe the difference this has made. I have lost weight, lost body fat and gained muscle, I am stronger, healthier and have no pain. I have done all of this by eating more food – who knew! I am still learning. Matt has endless patience; he has bothered to be interested in what I want to achieve and has got me achieving things I never thought I would.”


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