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Joe- Athletic Development for Boxing


Joe has worked with Josh at FX throughout much of his Athletic Development Journey. After showing promise at a young age, Joe started working with our FX “Athlete Development Plan”- the youth development arm of FX Performance. This programme provided Joe with support with strength and conditioning sessions, nutrition, mindset and focus, and more. Since a young age (12 years old), Joe was in the gym several times a week, with coaching guidance. Initially, focusing on fundamental development and strength was key, using well established scientific principles, and more recently, Joe has been able to build into more specific power development now that those solid strength and movement foundations are in place. When working with clubs, we always keep a strong level of communication between technical coaches (Queensway ABC in this case) and our performance team.

During the time with FX, Joe has won several regional championships and national competitions, and is widely regarded as one of the most promising boxing talents in the country. In addition to this, Joe managed to excel in his academic performance, despite the training volume and travel time. For Joe to perform consistently at a high level for a number of years has shown a fantastic level of commitment and focus, and his success is well deserved.

“Alongside my boxing coaches, The S&C support from Josh has helped me to consistently perform at a high level, winning national competitions and regularly reaching the final stages of national championships”


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