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Jo’s ‘1st’ Body Tone Trophy

Life Begins at 40 for  ‘Winning’ Jo

Winner of Mr County Durham Tone

Here’s  a current case Study of our Client Joanne  who’s been training  with Jamie Kennedy – Owner of FX Fitness Experience for about 2 years. Jo’s recent transformation  journey  began late last year when  she set herself a New Training Challenge – where she went on to  come 1st in her first event ‘Lady in the First Year Tone’ title on 8th May 2016.

Here’s Jamies account of Jo’s incredible fitness  journey …

This is my Client Joanne – she hit 40 in September  last year (2015) around the same time she got married.

In October, shortly after Jo’s  Honeymoon   – she decided she wanted to get back on track with her diet and training. Late last year Jo wanted to set herself a new challenge.   We both agreed it would be great to get in the sort of shape bikini athletes were in ….  So Jo set herself a challenge to get ready to enter a Body Tone Competition .  ‘Mr  & Miss County Durham bodybuilding event’ in the ‘Lady in First year Tone’ Category on 8th May 2016.

We started training hard with a high calorie diet with very little reduction in the initial phase, after all Christmas was coming up.

I started to plan her workouts to help with the areas she needed to work on. Jo’s issues were; a bad back, poor flexibility around hips and ankles (this most probably lead to back issues) and her glutes and hamstrings didn’t work very well and Jo had a poor metabolism through not eating enough. We had to go back to basics before we could progress. Our plan was to keep steady over Christmas – keep training intensity high and calories constant. With her back problems  it couldn’t happen and Jo was having to take it steady and include extra Pilates sessions and rehab work in the gym.

I weighted Jo in after some rehab work on her back in January 2016 to correct the issues we were having ( see photo bottom middle).

We changed calories and increased cardio slightly but kept a good structure to her weights plan right through the end February  for about 6 weeks (see photo middle top). At the end of March I  adapted jo’s Programme again for 4 weeks (see: top right pic ) to take her body fat down. We manipulated carbs and protein splits and decreased calories 5 days a week by just 200 cals moving to 300 less per day apart from 2 refeed days. Then we adapted calories again one week out (see bottom right pic) until the event day – Sunday 29th May 2016.

As a Personal Trainer –Jo’s story is brilliant example of consistency and knowing your body. High enough and controlled calories allow us to train effectively and build muscle and give us room to reduce calories when we need to lose fat when required.

jo before and after pics

Jo lost no more than 2 pounds in any week, but kept chipping away and trusted in her body to do the work even when the scales sometimes  didn’t change from  one week to the next.

In the end Jo lost a stone over about 9 weeks and reduced her body fat significantly for the show (it was between 8-10% down).

The results were amazing and Jo worked consistently hard despite setbacks and injuries throughout her journey – jo’s journey! I can’t tell you how proud I was that she came 1st in ‘Lady in the First year Tone’ category in her very first competition.

”I personally  want to thank Joanne for her commitment, trust and consistency over the past 6 months and I  look forward to working on the next level to see what she can achieve next! Fantastic results Jo  from all the clients and trainers at FX – we are so very proud of what you have achieved and your inspirational journey!”  Jamie Kennedy , Personal Trainer & Owner of Fitness Experience.

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