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Kieron – Body Composition


It doesn’t happen overnight

You’ve seen Kieron recently after his hard work throughout lockdown, but this guy deserves another mention. He did a great job of improving his body composition with only a few dumbbells at home, but we knew getting back in the gym would be a great opportunity to keep making progress.

We kept pushing on, and decided to capitalise on the fact he’d not had access to much equipment throughout lockdown, knowing we could get some pretty good development relatively fast with the reintroduction of heavier lifts.

At this point, I think it’s important to remind people of Kieron’s journey. He has featured on the page before after working with us on the 8 week physique course, but true transformations take time and consistency, so here’s his 2 year transformation, 2018-2020.

Sure we can get great results in 8-12 weeks, but sustainable, life changing transformations take time. We could have shared his last few months only- look down the page a little, you’ll see his condition going into lockdown, and it’s a great transformation.

But I wanted to show you what real, sustainable lifestyle change looks like. Before and after photos are great, but they often miss the big picture.


                           “When your AFTER THE AFTER photo is this good, you know you’re winning.”


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