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Kieron- Body Composition


Kieron worked with FX after struggling to take his physique to the next level, in part, due to a busy lifestyle, with a high stress job and young family. As we often see, he struggled managing an effective training routine around this busy lifestyle, and struggled to build muscle mass due to being unable to stick to the training or nutrition plan, because of things “out of his control”.

After working with the team at FX, Kieron was able to add a structure to his training that worked around his busy lifestyle. He found nutrition methods that fit this lifestyle and matched his goals, allowing him to improve consistency long term with nutrition. In addition, his flexible training routine allowed for changes in his daily schedule, without him feeling off plan.

Once he’d established a solid training base and nutrition routine, Kieron joined our 8 week physique challenge, to take things up a level. Here, we looked to introduce kieron to a new level of focus with both training and nutrition, with which he excelled. Even after the challenge, Kieron managed to keep this level of focus, allowing his progress to continue to rocket.

Despite training less on average, he’s continued to make huge progress, and is looking forward to the next challenge as he continues to move forward.

“Despite managing a difficult routine, the team at FX have helped me to make huge progress towards my goals. We’ve had challenges along the way, but having the support to help me to manage these issues that would have normally meant falling off plan has made a huge difference to my results. I feel great and I’m still making progress!”


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