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Meal Frequency & Timing

The most important thing when it comes having adequate meals throughout the day, will come down to your own individual work/ life pattern and routine.

If you work 9-5 then you will only be able to have food at certain times during the day. So the most important this for you would be to get adequate 30-40g protein, portion of Veg & complexed carbohydrates with each meal as a baseline.

If you can eat at regular intervals say every 2-3 hours then great keep with that routine with the same format of maybe 20-30g of protein, portion of veg and complexed carbohydrates, healthy fats (salmon, mixed nuts) for your everyday Joe Bloggs. 

Everything will differ depending on your goals and aspirations. So moving on to specific meals, these are examples for the average person training in a gym/ or at home wanting to get stonger, leaner and healthier:

Breakfast Meal – The first meal of the day should consist of High protein, high fat, with low complexed carbohydrate complex. As an example (3-4 egg omelette, spinach, mushroom, ham, peppers) or (Extra Lean Minced meat with seasoning, spinach & handful of nuts) try these and watch your energy levels and body fat drop. DITCH THE CEREALS!!

Dinner/ Lunch Time Meals – These can be anything you like, make sure your meals are tasty and exciting. Check out some meal ideas from the previous blog on meal ideas. High protein content 30-40g, 1-2 portions of leafy green Veg, and or complexed carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, oats).

Make it something you’ll enjoy eating or you won’t stick to it.

Evening Meals – Evening meals can be or will be the same as above, just make sure you mix up your meat, fish for example. Don’t eat the same day in day out, as most of you will give up so easy. There is plenty of recipes out there, have a play around with them.


Pre Workout – Black Coffee w/Coconut oil. This will give you that caffeine boost you need for an intense workout, with added fats as a source of energy to train.

Intra Workout – BCAA’S (Powdered preferably to drink during training session. These will reduce muscle soreness from intense workouts, increase fat burning and promote lean muscle building. 

Post Workout – Low Carb Protein Shake w/ glutamine. High protein shake will promote protein synthesis and muscle development. Glutamine aids muscle recovery and improves gut bacteria.

Just to finish on a great tip to help recovery and for better sleep. Having a high complexes carb meal 1-2 hour before bed has been show to help relax the body and mind into a deep sleep. We all know how important sleep is.

If your sleeping well, your less stressed which means less cortisol and a leaner physique.

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