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Senior Personal Trainer

Alex Cowie


I have a keen interest in how the body works and achieving a balance between all systems of the body. I aim to restore and enhance function of the body i.e movement according to our primal patterns (Push, Pull, Squat, Lunge, Bend, Rotate and gait)


Before joining FX I was a self-employed Personal Trainer and Sports Massage therapist working in various facilities throughout the northwest.

Time With FX

Since joining FX I have been able to further my interest in how the body moves and encouraged me to further my education and understand different aspects of fitness yoga for example. I have worked with hundreds of diverse clients and each one is as fulfilling as the next. I enjoy every challenge that is put before me and give my everything to helping you succeed. Through my techniques as interest in functional movement, I have helped people restore function of muscles enabling them to move better, lose body fat and aid in the performance of sports.


  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Level 3 Exercise Nutrition
  • Diploma in sports massage therapy
  • Chek institute Programme Design
  • Chek Institute Scientific Core Training
  • Chek Institute Primal Movement – Ongoing
  • Chek Institute Scientific Shoulder Training – Ongoing

Started at Spring 2015 and joined the Fit Club run by Alex. He really motivated me and soon got me into shape and feeling good about self. Due to personal circumstances Summer I had to leave. I missed going to much and now I am back! Alex hasnt made me feel bad about doing absolutely nothing for 12 months and I am sure with his professional guidance I will soon get my fitness levels back. He is so friendly, easy to get along with and pushes you to do that bit more. He is always aware of any injuries/weak spots and tailors the exercises to take this into account. I can really recommend him!!!!

Gina Holt

Alex has been my Personal Trainer for roughly 2 years now. I call him a 'new age' trainer because he thinks outside of the box to develop skills and strength instead of the usual mundane bench, squats etc. He makes it fun and sometimes we train together which pushes me even more. He also understands my work life and my struggle to eat food so we've got plans that help me overcome that issue. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to train, regardless of current fitness, to have Alex as your trainer, supporter and motivator if you want to take training to the next level

Tez Haworth

Alex is a fantastic PT, friendly and will push you to your personal goals, I've had the best time at FX over the past 3 months and making massive progress to my own personal goals. Alex will make sure your logging your nutrition correctly but will also make you push yourself when working out! Highly recommended

Jack Bell

I have been training with Alex for almost a year now. Alex is a focused PT who encourages & motivates you to reach your goals. Each training session is varied & challenging but rewarding at the same time. I can honestly say that I have never felt as fit & healthy as I do now. I would highly recommend Alex if you are looking to achieve your health & fitness goals.

Sarah Bradshaw

Friendly staff. And its changed my life for the better.

Damian Black

Prior to starting my training at Fitness Experience, I was overweight and unhappy with the way I looked and my level of fitness. I began training with Alex in November of 2013 and now I could not be a more confident person. I have lost twenty eight pounds of fat! (2 stone) and gained a significant amount of muscle. I train with Alex three times a week and enjoy the challenges set in each session. Despite the complexity of the syndrome I currently live with (insulin resistance) the nutrition advice provided, was more than any health professional could ever offer me; it was suited to my needs and preferences. Through all the hard work, the FX team have been an amazing support system, continually motivating and encouraging – in supporting me in my goals.

Sam Aykut

I started training with Alex at the beginning of summer last year. I had suffered a bad fracture to my ankle in January and subsequently put on weight. My initial goal when I started was to lose weight but also gain my strength, movement and balance so I could return to playing sport. I have now been training with Alex for 10 months and have loved every minute of it. The workouts he provides are specifically tailored to my goals. He is very good at keeping you motivated and is also knowledgeable on all aspects of health and fitness. Since the start of my training my results have been incredible and I am now fitter, stronger and happier than I have ever been.

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