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Strength and Conditioning Coach, Body Transformation Coach and Personal Trainer

Josh Kennedy MSc, ASCC, CSCS


Josh has specialisms in body composition coaching (including body transformations) and sports performance coaching. Through his academic background, Josh has an in depth understanding of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition and psychology. 

If you’re looking to transform your body, mindset and/ or performance, Josh has a proven track record of getting results!

My Background

Prior to opening FX in 2011, I was midway through a sport and exercise science undergraduate degree, and working as a Personal Trainer in several gyms. In this environment, I came across so many people who spent years working hard, dedicating plenty of time a week to the gym, and a lot of effort to “eating well”- but getting NOWHERE!

I’d been there too a few years prior to this- I thought it was about working harder, without considering recovery, nutrition, sleep, stress, exercise execution and more.

But once I made the change into a more integrated approach, my own results started to take huge leaps forward.

I knew I could help more people to improve the way they see fitness, so when Jamie discussed with me with the idea for FX, I knew this could be a way to make an impact on all the people who were willing to work for it, but had no idea on how to get the results, as well as those who simply didn’t know where to start, or even those who just didn’t know how to get to the next level!

Time With FX

Since opening FX in late 2011, we have changed hundreds of lives (Don’t just take my word for it- check out our testimonials).

Not only has our approach achieved countless body transformations, but also people excelling in their sport, or achieving lifelong goals- or even just transforming into happier, healthier people with less limitations. 

Since opening, although I’ve delivered over 10,000 training sessions with FX, this is only a small part of what I do. The results come not only from awesome training, but also from working through our system to transform your nutrition, sleep, stress, focus and productivity. 

I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity with FX to help people achieve their goals. It’s always great getting the message of how you’ve transformed some lives- whether that’s the message from a holiday from about how they feel great,  the call from college athletes who have achieved university scholarships overseas through consistent high level performances, the text to tell me about the first call up to national  or international level competition, or simply the email that details a small part of the impact that our programme has had on their life.

And I’ve even had the opportunity to push myself in the process, whether that’s through Olympic lifting, body composition training, the various running events I’ve competed in, or the so called “fun” stuff like tough mudders, it’s been awesome completing these events alongside our team.

So, if you’re still reading- get in touch! I can help you to achieve your goal. Speak soon.


  • MSc (with distinction) in Strength and Conditioning (Uclan 2017)
  • UKSCA Accredited Coach (First accredited 2016)
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • International register for nutrition advanced diploma L5 (IRFN 2015)
  • BSc Sport and Exercise Science (UoC 2014)
  • Precision Nutrition Certified nutrition Coach (Pn1)
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer (2010)
  • Level 3 exercise Referral (2013)
  • British weightlifting L2 coach (BWL 2018)
  • UK Anti Doping Accredited Advisor (2018)

Josh is an amazing trainer, his unique style truly pushes you to achieve your goals! I have lifted weights I would never have thought possible and am fitter than I have ever been! He has the patience of saint and has worked hard to educate and encourage me with my diet plan #fussyeater !

Fi Comberbatch

One of the reasons for joining FX was to do weights I had never felt comfortable doing weights shunning the weight area in my local gym for fear of making a fool of myself and not knowing what I am doing. Through training at FX I have gained the knowledge and confidence to now approach weights with a plan knowing how to do them properly with the proper form and why they are integral to getting the best results for my ability.

Joe Crawford
North West 4x Regional Boxing Champion

Over the following 6 months I saw my muscle mass increase and body fat drop I became confident with how my body shape was progressing. On top of that the results in races started to improve my short races were getting faster and my endurance events I was feeling stronger an all-round better performance which is what I wanted to achieve from the start

Joe Crawford
North West 4x Regional Boxing Champion

Overall I cannot praise Josh and all the team at FX enough all the staff are very friendly and helpful and create an environment where you can ask the silly questions without being judged or be made to feel inadequate. josh’s knowledge and PT skills have been invaluable in helping me to achieve my goals and I will continue to train there to make sure I’m always pushing myself to achieving the best results I can.

Joe Crawford
North West 4x Regional Boxing Champion

I came to FX in 2015 to enhance my performance before moving away to university in America. I wanted to achieve an optimal level of performance as I would be competing regularly in the states. I was very eager to start as member of my family already attended FX. I saw Josh for my consultation and found the information given very useful. I decided to join FX because I believed this was the best approach to achieving my goals. I started in the summer of 2015 and went into the gym with some understanding of how to train.

Kerry Holding
NCAA D2 Swimming, Carson Newman

Working with Josh made me learn how to train properly, he taught me better technique and how to deal with the mental side of working out, such as believing in myself when lifting heavier weights but also understanding how to train when dealing with injuries. I suffer from lower back pain so many of my work out have to be adapted when my back flairs up. The approach to training and the change in nutrition came very easy to me as Josh was always available if I had any questions.

Kerry Holding
NCAA D2 Swimming, Carson Newman

I have been with FX for 3 years now, continuing my training when I come back from university at Christmas and during the summer. During that time I have achieve weight loss , a decrease in body fat percentage and confidence when working out. FX is very different to other facilities as the the trainer take time to get to know there clients, this makes the training programs more personal this helps the trainers know the best approach on how to help each client achieve their goals. My goals going forward with the help of FX are to keep my body fat percentage below 20%, I wish to achieve this by the end of summer 2018.

Kerry Holding
NCAA D2 Swimming, Carson Newman

My background is fell running and I have done this for many years I have always maintained a pretty good standard but never doing anything with my diet or cross training my results had plateaued and I was unhappy with how I looked and felt. On hearing about the Team at FX I went down and explained my goals thoroughly with Josh my PT who helped me understand what I wanted to get out of the training and how best to go about it in a way I could understand to help me achieve my goals in the long run.

Ben Frechette
Regional Level Competitive Fell Runner

The stages of training were set out perfectly for me to aim at with clear guidance on nutrition when and what to train and what and when to do it, it started with 3 sessions a week with Josh in the gym and a further 2-3 sessions to do by myself but every time I was learning more about how my body works and week on week I was seeing results. I won’t lie sometimes it was a struggle but knowing you have someone with you to guide you and show you how to do things properly keeps you focused on your goals.

Ben Frechette
Regional Level Competitive Fell Runner

I am a 57 year old male, ex semi pro sportsmen, who has suffered with back and pelvic issues throughout my career and into later life.I have tried many times to challenge myself to keep fit and active, but each time my body has let me down, when I tried to achieve what I was capable of. I have spent countless days flat out in bed or suffering with chronic back pain, to such an extent I was getting depressed, fearful of travel and being away from home, with back issues always on my mind. During one of my dark days, a friend recommended me to speak to an FX client, who had similar issues. At first I was skeptical and did not take up his offer, but as my issues became more frequent I had to change my life.

Simon Holding

Finally I decided to speak to the FX client. Sharing my issues with another fellow sufferer, helped me to come to the conclusion to give FX a try. On a Saturday morning, I called in to FX on spec and spoke with Jamie, who was understanding and gave me some confidence and encouragement to proceed with a trial. He recommended that I work with Josh, being more suitable with his knowledge and skills for my requirements. I was apprehensive at first and lacked confidence to trust my body, but I soon settled in with help from Josh.

Simon Holding

Josh tailored a programme to suit my body and fulfil my goals as well. I work with Josh on core, movement and strength, supplemented with Sue on Pilates for flexibility. I work on CV myself, but always encouraged to maximise my effort by all. Nearly three years later, I train three times a week at FX and enjoy the challenge to push myself to what I am capable of. I still get niggles from time to time, but nothing compared to those dark days.

Simon Holding

I give feedback to Josh & Sue and they tailor sessions to aid recovery and avoid any further aggravation. Nutritional advice is always available. I suffer from IBS and avoid gluten/wheat, so not an easy one, but help is on hand. I have a competitive nature and always look forward to a challenge each week. I enjoy the family atmosphere at FX and forever grateful for their continued support and expertise. My message to anyone suffering with similar issues, is to give FX a call, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Simon Holding

My initial reason for joining FX was well being. I was struggling with training and general well being and I very quickly felt at home. The expertise, time and care shown by all the staff but particularly Josh has been outstanding. The personal in personal training is the key. They get to know and support you the person not just your goals. They take an holistic approach to training which is refreshing. The exercise and nutrition plans are specific to you and not a one size fits all. I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather go to train - FX care and that really is personal training in my book.

Fiona Clark
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