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Senior Personal Trainer

Ryan Brereton


    • Strength & Muscle development


    • Fat loss & Body composition


    • Core strength


  • Sport-specific Training (football)


I’ve got a big sporting background before working in the fitness industry where I played football at a semi-professional level for local teams such as Colne and Padiham football club. Had a keen interest in cricket, playing at town team and regional level.

My background before Fitness Experience, I was working as a self-employed personal trainer out of lifestyle fitness at the time in Burnley. I then moved on to do my own things out of a smaller facility and started to run my own boot camps during the summer months.

Time With Fitness Experience

Then moving on,  I joined Fitness Experience where I have gained substantial experience and knowledge through the guys that I work alongside. Training a range of clientele from rehabilitation to strength development.

The success I have gained has been great in terms of client results not only fat loss, but a wide variety in terms of reducing injuries in clients to enabling them to move and succeed without muscle or joint pains.

Achievements & Interests

My biggest achievements were graduating from university, then moving straight into a self-employed position as a personal trainer which was a big step. Finally finding a role as a personal trainer where every day is a new day and a new challenge with Fitness Experience. Helping others change their lifestyles for the better has got to be the best!


    • Level 2 Fitness instructor


    • Level 3 Personal Trainer


  • Level 1 Football Coach

I can honestly say that the team at Fitness Experience are the best we have ever come across . Motivational , friendly , knowledgeable and always challenging and testing .Worth every penny

Ged Ennis

Having trained with Ryan for a little over 18 months I can honestly say that he is worth every penny. His knowledge of his subject is excellent and always makes you feel at ease. Over that time my goals changed and Ryan expertly tailored my program to ensure I was getting the most out of my time with him. He provides detailed programmes to work to on the days that I am not training with him, as well as nutritional advice based on current goals. On top of all this Ryan is a genuinely nice guy who goes above and beyond (working around my works shift pattern) to ensure you get the most out of your training. So whether you are a runner or a power lifter, looking to lose weight or gain weight. I can (and do) highly recommend Ryan.

Wayne Elcock

Ryan believes in me when I don't believe in myself. He pushes and encourages me to achieve things I didn't know my body was capable of. He gives me the motivation to push myself outside of the gym and challenges me during PT sessions, making sure I take something out of every session. Ryan's professional focused attitude supports my goals and I would recommend him to anybody, no matter what your ability or fitness level. Thanks Ryan!

Rosie Connor

So, after having 3 children in 3 years I was very unfit & overweight. I started going to some local gym classes which didn’t change anything apart from making me realise I needed to do something a bit more drastic & challenging. I hated working out & the thought of cardio made me feel quite sick & bored to tears. I didn’t know anything about keeping fit or using a gym so decided that having a personal trainer was the only way forward. I’ve been training with Ryan now for about 6 months, he’s helped me change my whole attitude towards exercise & nutrition, within that time I’ve achieved more than I ever thought possible.

Sinead Hines

I’ve lost 4 stone in weight, that’s 56lbs! 13% body fat, over 20 inches in measurements and have had to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes. I couldn’t have done any of this without Ryan, he’s extremely knowledgeable, he motivates me, keeps the sessions I go to interesting, challenging & fun. He’s always engaged in the session, demonstrating & correcting movements, giving tips, making sure I’m working safely & getting the most out of every session. The training sessions are tough & I’m constantly being pushed past what I think my limits are but I wouldn’t have had such great results if I hadn’t been & if I didn’t enjoy it I really wouldn’t be going.

Sinead Hines

Overall, I’m a lot more confident & happy with myself, I’ve so much more energy, I eat more, can deadlift 105kg, do dips, pull ups & even do sprints on the bike on my own after the sessions. When I started 6 months ago, I couldn’t do any of this & absolutely hated the Watt bike. I can’t recommend Ryan enough & want to thank him for getting me into the best shape I’ve ever been in. I’m fitter, stronger and healthier, I have the best attitude towards myself & my lifestyle, which I hope will inspire my children who love that mummy lifts heavy weights & has muscles!

Sinead Hines

I think Ryan is brilliant! He's totally knowledgeable about fitness and the body. The sessions are varied and he also focuses on nutrition as well as exercise. We work hard and with my efforts as well a his encouragement, it's great fun and the time just seems to fly by. A brief note to let you know how much I enjoy training with Ryan. Ryan has been my personal trainer for the last four months, I have two sessions each week and in that time I've definitely achieved a different fitness level, I am stronger, more flexible, lost weight and my body is beginning to get a more sexy shape. Slowly but surely. Yeh! Ryan is a truly excellent trainer. He creates exercise regimes that are based on individual needs. I value his drive, approach, good humour and energy! His supportive yet insistent manner makes the good work we do together all the more enjoyable.

Carole Bardsley

His training is multi faceted. He makes you feel strong and ensures your movements are controlled. Ryan is a very good PT.

Maria Kanata Li

Get booked in with Ryan everyone, 1st class knowledge with a great reputation in getting results.

Scott Heywood Bell

I would recommend Ryan to anyone, he has great motivational skills and knowledge. Get booked in ! Looking forward to my session tomorrow !

Deborah Unsworth
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