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Director of Your Yoga Experience

Sue Kennedy


I had a passion for Yoga when I was 11 years old. I taught myself and practiced every night for 5 years. At that time I was 16 years old and had started my hairdressing career and busy life took over.

When I was in my early 20s I qualified as an aerobics and Step instructor and taught exercise to music classes in the local and Manchester area.
As a busy mother with three children and a husband who worked abroad, I had little time to continue teaching and so concentrated on my family. We were always active as a family, and my sister and I we would often go on marathon training runs with the kids on their bikes. I often ended up pushing them uphill, (even my sister!) we would think nothing of running 50 miles a week.

However all the aerobic and running took its toll on my knees and after my last marathon in 2015, I began to concentrate more on more teaching Yoga and Pilates as well as Personal Training.

My passion is Yoga and Pilates and Personal Training. I love to teach the more mature clients. I have so many years of teaching which has given me knowledge and first hand experience dealing with many different health related conditions. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see my clients reaching their goals and the classes I teach being full with my students coming back week after week.

I am privileged to be a huge part of Fitness Experience PT and Performance Centre and delighted to bring you the beautiful ‘Your Yoga Studio’ within the Centre that is the first of its kind in the area.

I am looking forward to spending many more years in the health and wellbeing industry and look forward to welcoming clients, old and new, in our beautiful bespoke facility.


  • Lv. 3 Personal Trainer
  • Lv. 3 Ante and Post Natal Care
  • Lv. 4 Back Care
  • GP Referral Specialist population
  • Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor

Sue Kennedy. Thankyou so much for all your help and encouragement. Second to non as a personal trainer. Xx

Dawn Greenwood

Been a client at FX for a few years now, no intention of leaving they really are fantastic at what they do, I’m 53 years old have run half marathons , marathons and various other events since I joined , and whatever other goals I want to achieve they will be behind me 100% to help me achieve them.

Dawn Greenwood

We have been clients at FX Fitness experience for two and a half years, during that time they have helped us to achieve our goals of being fitter healthier and lighter. FX Fitness Experience is not just a gym they listen and formulate a training plan to help you achieve your goals, with their expertise, dedication and enthusiasm, it's like having a really good friend who is willing you to do well and wants to help you along the way. The atmosphere in the centre is always warm and friendly - there is always a really good atmosphere, even though everyone that is there works really hard to achieve their goals.

Dawn/Mick Greenwood

We now see health and fitness as a way of life, they have helped us change our whole outlook about how to look after our bodies, and informed us about the benefits of the right nutrition.They have formulated diet plans specific to our needs, making meal planning much easier. Since being clients, we have completed two half marathons, 10K runs and a Tough Mudder. Not bad for 2 couch potatoes aged 50 & 56.

Dawn/Mick Greenwood

If like us you have been unhappy with your lifestyle and need to lose some weight or just get fitter , but change seems a little daunting. Please pick up the telephone and speak to one of the personal trainers, they are really friendly and totally non-judgmental, you will be amazed at what you can achieve with the help of the dedicated team at FX.

Dawn/Mick Greenwood

I have mixed emotions from my 1st experience at FX. It was a Bootcamp session & although I liked it I found it REALLY difficult. I felt really dizzy and sick towards the end towards the end & had to sit for 30 minutes recovering while Jamie looked after me, gave me a protein shake, told me about nutrition around exercise and reassured me if I kept it up it would get easier. It did - after that I was back at Bootcamp 2x a week and addicted! I lost 1&1/2 stones in weight & dropped a dress size fairly quickly. Following that I then did a few months PT which helped me tone up, gain some muscle weight and maintain my dress size!

Shelley Heap

I can't remember how long I've been coming to FX now, I know it's more than 18 months. I now attend 4 classes a week; HIIT, Pilloxing , Pump, and Myofascial and love all of them! In August I did 6 weeks of PT - to have a refresher on lifting techniques, a diet review and to give myself a fitness benchmark. I would like to do this again in January (after Christmas), and then probably repeat it in July/ August 2015 just to make sure I am still on track. My fitness level & body shape has completely changed since that 1st Bootcamp class & I couldn't have done it without the FX teams guidance & support. Friends have asked me why I don't go to 1 of the many gyms in town - seeing as I mostly do classes not PT. I tell them it's because at FX you feel like a member of the family and are looked after accordingly.

Shelley Heap

The trainers know what you are capable of and keep pushing and motivating you. There is no "slacking" - and if occasionally you do so you are told (firmly but politely) to step it up! Plus there is a great"team spirit" feel amongst the gym members & trainers with plenty of challenges available e.g. 10k runs, Tough Mudder etc. I am afraid I won't be joining the running club - despite Sue & Alison's best recruitment attempts, but I might be tempted to try Tough Mudder next year!

Shelley Heap

Two years ago I was in a minor car accident that left me with major lower back pain. I tried my GP recommended Physio, two sessions a week for a month and saw absolutely no improvement in my pain levels, so asked friends and family if they could recommend another physiotherapist. A good friend mentioned Sue Kennedy at The Fitness Experience, saying she was a certified Pilates back care specialist. I was a little apprehensive to go to a gym, the thought of exercise seemed ridiculous when I was struggling to just stand up straight, but I'd tried Pilates before and enjoyed it, so thought it couldn't hurt to drop Sue a's the best decision I could have made! Sue and I met for a consultation first, we discussed my pain and mobility issues, and my general health (which has a habit of not being too great). She asked what my aim would be and didn't laugh when my response was to be back pain free. I started with one session a week and felt major improvements in my levels of pain and my overall back strength and mobility after only four sessions! I increased then to two sessions a week, and by the time I'd completed eight sessions (the same amount of Physio appointments I'd attended) my lower back pain injury from the car crash was completely gone. Not only that, my general health had improved, I felt fitter and stronger...I'd also become a Pilates addict!! All thanks to Sue and her amazing approach to treating her clients as individuals, catering to their specific physical and health requirements and her general positivity and encouragement. I had enjoyed my sessions so much that I asked Sue if we could continue, changing the focus from back rehabilitation to generally improving my fitness levels and stamina. Sue arranged for me to see Josh, the nutrition specialist at The Fitness Experience, and between the three of us we realistically assessed where I was at that point and where I would like to be. Josh developed a nutrition plan specifically for me and Sue worked on session plans again tailored to my needs. I've never been "sporty" as an adult and absolutely hated PE at school, but I genuinely look forward to my personal training sessions with Sue every week. She has a fantastic way of communicating, where I feel competent and safe when attempting Pilates movements or working with weights (I never thought I would ever be able to pick one up nevermind use them properly during our workouts!). I actually feel completely comfortable in a gym surrounding! She doesn't let me slack off, but her motivation is that of positive encouragement not drill sergeant screaming. She is always mindful of my health limitations but motivates me to push my limits safely and has helped me reach quite advanced Pilates levels and fitness results. I can feel and see the improvement to my body, strength and general well being. Sue has so much knowledge and experience. I've attended some of her group classes too and she is just as great an instructor as she is a wonderful personal trainer!

Deanne Armitage
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