Michael- Sprint Athlete, Rehabilitation and Performance


Michael joined FX after struggling to perform in previous seasons due to injury. Although he had trained and competed at a high level for a number of years, a structured strength and conditioning programme was a new addition to his training routine. Josh, along with the team at FX, worked with Michael and his team of physiotherapists and coaches to set out a structured programme to both rehabilitate the injuries, in addition to enhancing performance by building an increased strength and power capacity.

In addition to his training, Michael was also working full time, so making the plan time efficient was essential. This meant we regularly discussed strategies to allow specific training, rehabilitation and strength and conditioning sessions to overlap, and we made use of the track and plyometric surfaces at FX. Michael was able to get back into competition during his initial phase of training, just as the season came to an end.

We’re working together throughout the off season and seeing huge developments in movement, foundation strength and power, and are looking forward to helping Michael perform to his potential in the new year.

“The last few seasons have been difficult for me due to injuries, and I knew something needed to change to get me back to being competitive on the track! Working with the team at FX and my coaches and physios, I’m now stronger, fitter, and moving better than I have in years! Bring on the new season!”


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