Mike & Annabel – Members Spotlight

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Mike & Annabel- Members Spotlight

A huge well done to Annabel and Mike who both normally have a stricken fitness regime that was turned on its head.

They didn’t wait for it to pass and took action to ensure they maintained their health and actually improve their fitness levels during lockdown. One of the most helpful things they found was our online education explaining the workouts and regressions allowing them to complete a extremely challenging programme.

They not only learned new exercises but also how to adapt each session to ensure they got out of it what they needed.

“On the eve of lockdown our main concern was how to exercise. As we are over 65 years and retired we did not want to exercise outside. Jamie and Josh gave is a lifeline. We signed up to FX online and completed 10 weeks of challenging workouts. Our main aim is to be able to get right back out trekking at the end of this.”

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