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A Qucik View on Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are one of the main macro nutrients that we should be using in our daily eating routines.

Now if the goal is to drop body fat, lose weight and building lean muscle tissue, then carbs are needed in my opinion for most people.

Below are a a few tips on carbohydrate intake. When to use them? How to use them?

Always eat Carbs Post Workout
Obesity and weight gain is caused through insulin resistance. So one of the best ways to improve insulin sensibility is to lift weights.
When lifting weights our muscles become responsive to insulin, which takes blood sugar out of the blood and places it into our muscles. A great form of post workout carbs would be sweet potatoe, brown rice and oats as these are more complexed carbohydrates. 

No carbs in the morning
Breakfast that contain cereals, fruits and bread are a quick way to put on weight.
When we wake up our cortisol levels are high due to our bodies being deprived of nutrients throughout the night. Eating carbs first thing will increase your insulin hormone, emptying our blood sugar making you hungry.
Stick to Proteins & Healthy Fats!!
Depending on the time you train will determine when you have your carbs. So if you train in the morning then by all means you need your carbs straight after.

Night time carbs
When we are looking to sleep, our bodies releases our sleepy hormone called serotonin.
Research has found that consuming carbs before bedtime. Complexed Carbs (oats as an example) will help your body and muscles relax, to get a good deep sleep.


All these tips will help you with great body composition results! Go and use these simple tips and fast track your results.

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