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Joe – National Level Youth Boxer


“Alongside my boxing coaches, The S&C support from Josh has helped me to consistently perform at a high level, winning national competitions and regularly reaching the final stages of national championships”


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Ben – Trial Running and Triathlon


“Consistently performing well in endurance events is tough, but alongside a busy work schedule it’s almost impossible! Josh transformed my approach to training, and helped me to build the confidence and fitness to perform in some of my most challenging events!”


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Dec – Powerlifting & Football


“I’ve always tried to keep on top of my fitness and performance, but this was always either to build strength or fitness- one area always took a step back when i developed the other. Working with Josh helped me to understand this doesn’t need to be the case, and despite a higher focus on recovery, my strength AND fitness both improved massively throughout the training” 


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Gemma – Hockey Player


“Before training at FX I was struggling with weight loss, but since joining we have changed the way I train and how I look at my diet and the results have been great. I’ve lost weight and feel much fitter”


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Kerry – NCCA D2 Swimmer


“Working with Josh gave me the understanding and knowledge to be more confident in the gym, understanding my nutrition better and overall made me feel fitter than ever.”


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Michael – Sprint Athlete


“The last few seasons have been difficult for me due to injuries, and I knew something needed to change to get me back to being competitive on the track! Working with the team at FX and my coaches and physios, I’m now stronger, fitter, and moving better than I have in years! Bring on the new season!”


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