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Personal Training at Fitness Experience Helps Mum of Three exceed Weight Loss Goals

Here’s a True Story straight from the heart of Alyson Andrew, one of our clients who started her Personal Training Journey with Fitness  Experience in March 2015 – just 12 months ago.

So what can YOU Achieve in 12 months? Start your Personal Training journey with the Fitness Experience ? Read on and be inspired – then get in touch to book your Personal Training Consultation

AlysonBefore Alyson_after

Its fair to say that when I came to Fitness Experience at the start of March last year, I was feeling a bit lost. Having previously lost 8 stone over 5 years, I was then finding it was inching back on to the point where I figured out I had gained back 2.5 stone.

My frustration was compounded by the fact that I was following a Paleo diet (having lost the bulk of the weight on Atkins) religiously, was barely eating anything and yet somehow was gaining weight. I had never embraced exercise in any form and was beginning to realise that I couldn’t manage this anymore with just diet alone. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel but simply standing still in terms of weight loss.

I was lurching between weekly losses of 5-7lb and then weekend gains of 6-8lbs once alcohol was introduced. It felt like I was in freefall, I tightened up my diet further, cut out more food groups reduced my calorie intake even more, I just couldn’t grasp what was happening and trust me it wasn’t for want of trying!

I started with Sue Kennedy    Personal Trainer in early March 2015 doing some Pilates, and then had a weekend at Disneyland Paris where eating ‘normally’ I gained 8lbs over 5 days. I was gutted and completely demoralised. Sue spotted this in me and arranged for me to see  PT Josh Kennedy, he looked at my food intake and in an eye opening session told me I was under eating and my body was in starvation mode.I told them my fears about switching off Paleo as I was frightened to death that if I changed tack I might gain and not be able to stop, as I felt really out of control. Josh sent over some food ideas which embraced my Paleo guidelines, got me started on My Fitness Pal and set the Macros to where they needed to be. I felt really well supported, able to text, email or call Sue or Josh if I was unsure of anything, and I threw myself at it. I bought a fitbit to track my activity and that helped me work towards being more active in my sedentary job too.

Since that point a lot has changed, all positively, I’ve been attending Personal Training sessions with Sue since that day on a regular basis, aiming for 3 times a week but usually twice – something I had never stuck to before. One of the things I like best about the PT sessions is that no two are the same, that’s a huge incentive to keep going as previous attempts have always stopped the moment I got bored doing the same things every week.

Sue tracked my stats, weight, BMI, body age, muscle % weekly and the difference is staggering. I have lost 2 stone 1 lbs but the change in my body is astonishing. I have always been very conscious of having big legs and avoided all skirts and dresses, now I wear them with pride, they are a long way from perfect but a huge improvement from where they were. weight loss journey

I have lost three dress sizes and my body shape has really changed. Having lost a lot of weight in a short period 6 years ago you would think that taking over a year to lose 2 stone sounds like a lot, but in truth I think this has been the healthiest loss I have had, and the best earnt. No more huge weight swings, low mood, bad skin, hair falling out through poor diet, I feel and look better than I ever have. I’ve been this weight before but I’ve never had a leanness to me, and my skin just hung off me and I looked like a bag of bones – this is very different.

I feel leaner, stronger, fitter and actually more mentally strong too, less likely to deviate from my program of diet and exercise, more committed and genuinely feel my goals are achievable and that I am in control of them.

Before going on a holiday in August 2015 I was really worried that my resolve wouldn’t stick around long in the face of 2 weeks all inclusive in Tenerife, but I stunned myself by the actions I took whilst away, shunning elevators, always taking the stairs, swimming 40 laps before breakfast, using the gym at the hotel (THE GYM! I can tell you I have never ever crossed the threshold of a gym at a hotel before), not drinking until mid afternoon and even then completely within moderation. I stayed off wheat, something I had never managed before and came back home to find a 3lb gain, I was stunned – this would previously have been around a stone gained at least, and I lost the 3lbs within 10 days on my return to Sue at FX.

My friends and family have seen a huge change in me and not just physically, although the physical changes are great my confidence and body image has improved greatly! My husband can’t believe how my resolve has changed and how I have now begun to prioritise my time at the gym instead of being quick to throw it in. He has never seen me like this and he says it’s pretty inspiring to watch and a great example for my 3 daughters. I’ve set up a bit of a home gym and my girls and I can often be found working with resistance bands, or doing squats and lunges, it’s a long way from the person I used to be.

Something has definitely shifted for me and I think it’s in my belief in myself and the team at FX, I put my faith in them at a stage when I genuinely didn’t know what else I could do, I have followed their instruction and been encouraged at every step and have truly seen amazing results. The gradual weight loss, minimising the huge weight swings I used to have, the support from the team, whilst getting leaner and fitter have all had a huge impact and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me but I know now I am in control of it and not the other way around.

10628162_10156780040220151_6576052288060294303_n Alyson_progress

I’ve already exceeded where I wanted to get to, now setting new goals around tone, not necessarily about weight loss, that’s unheard of for me, the number on the scale was always King but not so much anymore. Now it’s about strength, fitness, health, ability, tone and how I feel, inside and out. Let me tell you fitting into skinny jeans 3 sizes down from before makes all the effort worthwhile, I might even have had a little dance in the changing room!

To sum up the difference I’d spent over 10 years as a member at a local gym paying over £130 per month for my family and never once had anyone picked up the phone to see why I wasn’t going, asked me what my goals were or suggested a PT session to get me back into it. They were just happy to take my money every month – nobody cared.

At FX it’s a family, it’s a team who are all on your side and want you to be the best version you can be, you can feel it as you walk through the door. Its in the small things they do, all the personal trainers know your name, smile and say hello, make you feel welcome and spot your progress, it all matters. It’s a magic place and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

”At FX it’s a family, it’s a team who are all on your side and want you to be the best version you can be, you can feel it as you walk through the door.”

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