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Pete- Wellness & Illness Recovery

Pete has been with FX for 6 months now and his journey back to fitness is a truly inspiring one, his journey maybe different to your own but may sound familiar to a family member or friend.

Pete was dealt a shocking blow last year by being diagnosed with neck and tonsil cancer. As you can imagine this threw is life upside down and priorities in life start to change. After undergoing treatment to remove the tumour he was Fed through a tube in his stomach for 3 months, resulting in dramatic weight loss and severe loss of strength and muscle mass.

In his own words he felt apprehensive like a lot of you did the first time you messaged FX yet determined to get his life back on track.

Some of the biggest obstacles we have had to overcome with Pete is since his treatment he is unable to produce saliva, so the simplest task we take for granted eating a chicken breast for example became challenging. Together we tailored his nutrition with solutions to combat this, and keep his protein levels fairly high to maintain and increase his muscle mass and strength.

6 Months down the line Pete has shown visible changes on his body, fitness levels, strength and he always enters and leaves the gym smiling. He has the strength to be back in work and is noticing improved energy levels throughout every aspect of his life.

Well done Pete and thanks for letting us share this small insight into your difficult journey.

“I feel a whole lot fitter and stronger and look forward to continuing this progression”


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