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Sarah- Weightloss

Sarah came to us because she felt tired, fed up and had no motivation, disillusioned by the concept of joining another gym and not getting the results, and apprehensive about how FX was so ‘different’. In fact it took her 6 months before she started with us to try to justify the cost, wondering how someone so busy would be able to even make it to the gym let alone get the results she wanted.

In just 6 months of working with FX, Sarah has lost an amazing 3 stone, dropped 12% body fat and dropped 3 dress sizes! Before joining FX, Sarah felt she had TRIED EVERYTHING and the gym just wasn’t doing it for her. She knew she needed help but she didn’t realise how FX would be so LIFE CHANGING.

“My coach Hakan is awesome – normally the thought of dragging myself to the gym after a long day, sat in the car for over 50 x minutes or getting out of bed before 6am would fill me with dread but I really look forward to it!…. it’s fun, it’s hard but he pushes you on & motivates you to do more & train harder. This is the slimmest and lowest body weight (and dress size) I have been since I was 16!!”


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