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Sick of the “just eat less food” Idea? How about eating more, for less calories?

Today’s blog post is a short, simple idea, yet one that is often missed by everyone looking to achieve fat loss. We are constantly being told to eat less food. But do you really need to?

Basics again- we need to create a calorie deficit. To do this, we can use more energy, consume fewer calories, or both.

Let’s target the consume fewer calories option (as this one is the key part of the equation). Of course, we can keep eating the same foods, just less. This will do it- you will lose weight (all other factors being equal).


This won’t be optimal. Not only that, but actually, you can probably eat a lot more food too!

The first step to optimal would be making sure that the calories you’re consuming are targeted, and so are the macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats). Calculate your target calories and macros, and start tracking!

Welcome to the world of flexible dieting

Here is how you eat more food, enjoy your diet, and get in great shape all at the same time!


I’m trying to drop calorie intake, so how can I eat more food? Shouldn’t I eat less?

Remember, food is made up of calories, but not all foods are created equal. Let me give you an example.

Burger and Ice cream. They are some of my weaknesses. So, they are a great example. Take a look at this….

A standard, homemade burger, without swapping for “mindful” food choices, comes in at 676 calories- 56g carbs, 29g fat and 37g protein.

Followed up with some top brand salted caramel ice cream (250ml) adding 675 extra calories, with 68g carbs, 40g fat, and 9g protein.

This comes in at 1351 calories, 124g carbs, 80g fat and 46g protein. And that’s without chips!


But don’t worry, all is not lost! I love food, so more food that I can fit into my calories, the better my results are…. Here’s an alternative, swapping some of the foods for simply more mindful alternatives (check out the photos at the bottom for details).


The Burger (same amount of food, similar prep time, different ingredients) comes in at around 510 calories- 43g carbs, 21g fat and 35g protein.

Follow this with a lower calorie alternative ice cream (a similar amount) at around 200 calories- 42g carbs, 7g fats and 8g protein, and the overall intake is very different.

This mindful option comes in at around 710 calories in total, and 86g carbs, 29g fats and 43g protein. A similar protein amount, similar foods, but 641 calories less! Imagine these types of swaps throughout your entire day… still eat what you love, still eat a lot of it, but set targets, make intelligent swaps and track your nutrition!

Don’t want to “just eat less food”?

Ask yourself- Where can you make these swaps? Eating less food is not essential, consuming less calories is. Have you got clear targets to aim for? Are you tracking? If so, you’re swaps should be obvious… what foods are making hitting your targets difficult? usually the very high carb, very high fat and low protein ones. Are there alternatives to this? 

But Josh, It won’t taste as good as it does when……. Stop it. Grow up.

That’s a tiny sacrifice to make to achieve your body composition goals. And actually, give it a try, you won’t miss eating rubbish low quality food as much as you think!

Hopefully, this article will help you to understand a fundamental element of dieting. STOP eating “the same but eat less”, and start tracking, making swaps, and getting results!

Remember, here at FX, we’re working with people every day to help them to achieve their goals- contact us today to become a part of the team!

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Thanks, good luck, and enjoy your new approach to diets!

Josh Kennedy, MSc

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