Simon- Wellness & Rehabilitation


I am a 57 year old male, ex semi pro sportsmen, who has suffered with back and pelvic issues throughout my career and into later life. I have tried many times to challenge myself to keep fit and active, but each time my body has let me down, when I tried to achieve what I was capable of. I have spent countless days flat out in bed or suffering with chronic back pain, to such an extent I was getting depressed, fearful of travel and being away from home, with back issues always on my mind. During one of my dark days, a friend recommended me to speak to an FX client, who had similar issues. At first I was sceptical and did not take up his offer, but as my issues became more frequent I had to change my life.

Finally I decided to speak to the FX client. Sharing my issues with another fellow sufferer, helped me to come to the conclusion to give FX a try. On a Saturday morning, I called in to FX on spec and spoke with Jamie, who was understanding and gave me some confidence and encouragement to proceed with a trial. He recommended that I work with Josh, being more suitable with his knowledge and skills for my requirements. I was apprehensive at first and lacked confidence to trust my body, but I soon settled in with help from Josh.

Josh tailored a programme to suit my body and fulfil my goals as well. I work with Josh on core, movement and strength, supplemented with Sue on Pilates for flexibility. I work on CV myself, but always encouraged to maximise my effort by all. Nearly three years later, I train three times a week at FX and enjoy the challenge to push myself to what I am capable of. I still get niggles from time to time, but nothing compared to those dark days.

“I give feedback to Josh & Sue and they tailor sessions to aid recovery and avoid any further aggravation. Nutritional advice is always available. I suffer from IBS and avoid gluten/wheat, so not an easy one, but help is on hand. I have a competitive nature and always look forward to a challenge each week. I enjoy the family atmosphere at FX and forever grateful for their continued support and expertise. My message to anyone suffering with similar issues, is to give FX a call, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”


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