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3 Reasons why you’re not building muscle!

Building muscle is a key goal for a LOT of athletes and average gym goers-you’re reading this, so I’m sure it’s up there on your list too. Such a common goal, you’d think we had it figured out. Work out, build muscle. That simple. Why then, do so many of us struggle to build muscle? Why do so many people spend years training, with very little progress to show for it? The answer probably lies within one (or more!) of the following reasons.   #1- You need to train better! Yep, may as well get this one out of the way first. The...

FX Open Day Session Descriptions

Session 1- Using Genetics to inform Nutrition, Training and Recovery (10-10.30am) In this session, Josh will look to give an insight into the emerging benefits of understanding our genetics to optimise training, nutrition and recovery. This field is rapidly growing, and understanding what it CAN tell us, and as importantly what it CAN NOT tell us is essential. As a strength and conditioning coach, nutrition coach and personal trainer, Josh will explain how we use genetic data to inform on your ideal plan here at FX Fitness Experience. Following this session, there is the option to have your own genetic testing...

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