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Health First: Why we need to reopen Fitness ASAP

We are walking into a national disaster for health and fitness. Gyms being closed is more than just a short-term problem. We will be feeling the effect of this as a nation for years to come. For a month or two, this approach made sense, but 10 months since the first lockdown in the UK, it’s now time to consider the bigger picture, in particular with regards to general health and fitness. For millions of people, gyms are more than just somewhere to exercise. They’re the “third space”- the place people use to focus on themselves, and to “feel good”. We can’t...

Time to put your health first!

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, here's a reminder people, put your health first!  I’ll get straight to it, unless something changes, we’re all f**ked. This was written originally before the world was on lockdown due to COVID-19, but I've updated it, as it's now probably more relevant than ever. If you heard that only those with "underlying health issues" were more at risk, and had a bit of a panic, you're not alone. I've seen lots of questions this week, generally about "how healthy do you need to be for this not to apply?".  Ask yourself, could you do more for your...

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