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Maximise your potential by taking advantage of your genetics!

Several factors influence your ability to succeed with any specific training or nutrition plan including, training methods, life stress, recovery strategies, nutrition, body size, movement patterns, focus and genetics. As a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer, I aim to create an informed plan based on the information we have, and collect as much useable data as possible throughout to inform me on your optimum approach. I’ve been doing this for years- and over time, it’s got some life changing results. Sometimes we get it perfect at stage one- you feel great, you achieve your goals, and you decide...

FX Open Day Session Descriptions

Session 1- Using Genetics to inform Nutrition, Training and Recovery (10-10.30am) In this session, Josh will look to give an insight into the emerging benefits of understanding our genetics to optimise training, nutrition and recovery. This field is rapidly growing, and understanding what it CAN tell us, and as importantly what it CAN NOT tell us is essential. As a strength and conditioning coach, nutrition coach and personal trainer, Josh will explain how we use genetic data to inform on your ideal plan here at FX Fitness Experience. Following this session, there is the option to have your own genetic testing...

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