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How a massage can improve your recovery and results!

Adaptation to training is dependent on two key areas, the training itself, and the subsequent recovery. If the training is good, but recovery is inadequate, you will limit your adaptation. Not only this, but under recovery can lead to reduced performance, overuse injuries, and a generally negative mindset with regards to training. An intelligent programme with adequate time to recover is important, and sleep and good nutrition are two crucial factors when it comes to recovery and adaptation. However, massage can also be hugely beneficial to recovery, meaning you get more out of your training, reduce injury risk, perform better...

Recovery- Stratergies to maximise recovery from exercise

Any good training programme must balance the training stimulus with adequate recovery to maximise performance and results. As the stimulus required to achieve the desired training effect increases, as potentially does the need for maximising recovery between training sessions. This is particularly important for athletes looking to develop multiple fitness qualities at the same time, or those training several times per day. An inability to recover effectively from these sessions may leave you feeling sore, increase the risks of illness and leave you unable to complete the training sessions at the required intensity. It is beyond the scope of this...

Concurrent training and interference effect

Concurrent Training and Interference Effect- How to maximise results in both strength and endurance performance. Training strength and endurance together? Read this to ensure you’re not holding yourself back! I’ve discussed this topic with some great coaches in the past, and clearly their views are shaped by the context they work in… they work in that context, and although the approaches may have been different, all did a great job of managing the situation they were in. But I remember my first insight into this topic- about 12 years ago, being told in a local gym that you should never train strength...

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