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The Importance of Sleep

The easiest way for an individual to get results without changing their calories or training is to simply have them sleep more. I can guarantee if you sleep more you will lose fat, build lean muscle tissue, have more energy and have a better sex drive. Ideal sleep is between 7-9 hours, especially if your seeking a change in body composition. So what happens when we sleep 5 hours or less?? 1. leptin levels drop, meaning we decrease our key fat burning hormone. 2. Ghrelin levels go up, which is our hunger hormone. So if you want to be starving all day, do this!  3....

Hitting those Macro Nutrient targets! 

What are Macro Nutrients? These are your proteins, fats & carbs. Proteins help build, repair muscle tissue and aid in good liver function. These can be found in meat, fish & dairy. Fats can come in good and bad forms and the good fats are essential in everyone's diet in my opinion. The best forms come from salmon, mackerel , tuna and sardines. Good fats also enable our bodies to burn fat more efficiently and reduce Inflammation through omega 3 fish oils. Finally carbohydrates can aid in muscle growth, energy production and helping with dropping body fat depending on individual goals...

FX Nutrition Seminar hits the Spot with USN – Challenge Yourself to a Body Makeover

Over 60 FX fitness Clients turned out on a Friday Night at Burnley Football Club to attend our FX Body Transformation Seminar in partnership with USN and the 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge. Jamie, Josh, Andy, Sue, Adam and Alex were on hand to offer advice, tips and live demonstrations on how to put good, nutritious meal plans together that hit your Macros. Ben Dewhurst from USN was also on hand to explain the USN 12  week Body Makeover Challenge that ALL FX clients were encouraged to sign up to with a chance to WIN £5000 cash (from USN not...

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