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Concurrent training and interference effect

Concurrent Training and Interference Effect- How to maximise results in both strength and endurance performance. Training strength and endurance together? Read this to ensure you’re not holding yourself back! I’ve discussed this topic with some great coaches in the past, and clearly their views are shaped by the context they work in… they work in that context, and although the approaches may have been different, all did a great job of managing the situation they were in. But I remember my first insight into this topic- about 12 years ago, being told in a local gym that you should never train strength...

FX Open Day Session Descriptions

Session 1- Using Genetics to inform Nutrition, Training and Recovery (10-10.30am) In this session, Josh will look to give an insight into the emerging benefits of understanding our genetics to optimise training, nutrition and recovery. This field is rapidly growing, and understanding what it CAN tell us, and as importantly what it CAN NOT tell us is essential. As a strength and conditioning coach, nutrition coach and personal trainer, Josh will explain how we use genetic data to inform on your ideal plan here at FX Fitness Experience. Following this session, there is the option to have your own genetic testing...

Jamie Kennedy Gives Pre Season Training Advice for BBC Sport

So when BBC Sport need a Personal Trainer who works with Sports Professionals to comment and give advice on getting fit for the football season - who do they call? Our very own Jamie Kennedy - Owner /Manager of Fitness Experience Personal Training Centre in Burnley.  Jamie is an expert in his field and has been Personal Trainer to local football players for the last 3 years from the likes of  Tottenham's Kieran Trippier, Liverpool's Danny Ings, Tottenham's Kieran Trippier and Southampton's Jay Rodriguez. So it's no wonder he was asked to comment and advise on this BBC Sport Feature giving tips...

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