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Concurrent training and interference effect

Concurrent Training and Interference Effect- How to maximise results in both strength and endurance performance. Training strength and endurance together? Read this to ensure you’re not holding yourself back! I’ve discussed this topic with some great coaches in the past, and clearly their views are shaped by the context they work in… they work in that context, and although the approaches may have been different, all did a great job of managing the situation they were in. But I remember my first insight into this topic- about 12 years ago, being told in a local gym that you should never train strength...

Good Nutrition: Beyond the Numbers, PART 2

Again, food is MORE THAN FUEL As discussed in part one, looking at food as only fuel has its limitations- it is a recovery tool, a key component to health, a signal for your body to adapt, and much more. A good nutrition plan isn’t just about controlling energy balance, or about getting enough of any one vitamin, mineral or macronutrient- it’s about all of it. A truly considered nutrition plan should cover the following: Controls energy balance to meet our goals Has adequate protein and essential fats as a baseline Have a wide variety of nutrient dense foods included Focuses...

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